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Unmarked Luftwaffe Second Model

Article about: Hi Ger, I already saw daggers with flaws in swastika, which were very similar to this one and they were used during the period. Both parts are W.K.C., scabbard generic, all with same factory

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    here is what im thinking, i have one similar to yours, its has a weird swastika on it and i could not find a maker mark. mine was assembled in 1946 and 47 for the new troops coming in, as a way for germans to make some money, as it was hard to find a job because germany lied in ruins. look under the swastika for the maker mark, thats where the maker mark on mine is. if it is there it is possible some one got one of the 1946/47 ones, took off the black scabbard, gave it a period one, and boom, its worth more. the mark might be hard to see so go some where with good light, hope this helps!

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    Actually, the Repro shown has better detailing than this unmarked piece. The pummel, for example, on the unmarked looks as if it was never actually Finished. It is still in the raw grey metal state, and I seriously doubt that this is from absorption of the plating, etc. It simply looks like it never made it to that stage of production-no doubt it was quality control pulled from the line and tossed into the reject bin due to it's numerous flaws-even the swastika in the pummel is, again, badly flawed-look at the lower leg tip for one. The Crossguard swastika is literally in pieces. Unless I saw an actual Video of this being assembled and inspected and Passed, I would always doubt it. I stand by my first opinion-that this was a post war assembled parts dagger for the GI's to souvenir. To complete them, it looks as if they dug into the rejects bin and just slapped together whatever fit.

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    Well, I guess I see the point regarding quality control on the crossguard. I will have it in hand in a few days and I will get into it more warbuff. My first impression was a parts dagger. I am not in the business of parting out items but I did not take it on the chin to bad. It has a nice original hanger, blade, scabbard and handle. Once I motivate and take the collection out of lock down and can hide in the back

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    Warbuff can you send photos of your postwar dagger and its marker mark? Maybe you can persuade me

    Anzel, after you inspect dagger please don´t forget and tell me if pommel and crossguard are made from aluminium.

    Regards Peter

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    after looking at his and mine, i did not see the damage to his swastika, until after i posted. mine is in a lot better shape. you cant see it but the maker mark is under the swastika and you can see the black post war scabbard. but in my opinion if i suited this thing up with a period scabbard, knot, and hanger, i don't think many people could tell the difference. maybe i'm wrong?
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    Hi warbuff, thanks for quick reply and link to your dagger. Pommel and crossguard on your dagger are generic, not W.K.C. like Anzel´s dagger and they are finished - I mean that they has factory application - so they has different look. Grip and grip wire is also different. Most postwar dagger has plaster filled grips - check photos of my FAKE dagger on this thread. Anzel´s example has nice orange grip. But you are correct about that thing, that there were many dagger made after war. I hope many of collectors known Richard & Balke company, their daggers were made from original parts - mostly Generic, with original scabbard but with postwar blade marked "Solingen 1939" and its mark. A lot of daggers were made from original parts, but put together after war, now it is hard to tell if they are authentic. For example, like you said, if you change blade to unmarked example (or blade with correct marker) and scabbard I can´t tell you if dagger is postwar or part dagger.... And that is why we both can not be sure.

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    yes, the maker mark on mine is AWJr solingen, if that says anything

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    Blown up, the flaw appears to be damage and not a die fault. The missing material is quite jagged which to me indicates this is damage. The dagger appears fine to me.


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    Even if this dagger was damaged and not flawed-a point which, unfortunately, I find it difficult to agree with-it is still compromised. This does not explain the unfinished pummel or the swastika on it as well. Whether it is damaged or post war assembled, it's value is still drastically altered in either case. Not a highly desirable or valuable piece, but is, in my opinion, valued more by the sum of it's parts than as a whole.

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    It will come to rest with me where it will be taken care of and admired for its mysterious past after all, like all of us this dagger has its flaws/damage. Once it is in my hand I will try to zero in on the area of interest and post a picture. I truly appreciate everyone's input to this subject matter!

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