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Unmarked Luftwaffe Second Model

Article about: Hi Ger, I already saw daggers with flaws in swastika, which were very similar to this one and they were used during the period. Both parts are W.K.C., scabbard generic, all with same factory

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    Quote by warbuff View Post
    after looking at his and mine, i did not see the damage to his swastika, until after i posted. mine is in a lot better shape. you cant see it but the maker mark is under the swastika and you can see the black post war scabbard. but in my opinion if i suited this thing up with a period scabbard, knot, and hanger, i don't think many people could tell the difference. maybe i'm wrong?
    I have never seen the scabbard like the one on your dagger. Was it a post war creation or leftover unfinished stock?

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    Quote by BOB COLEMAN View Post
    Blown up, the flaw appears to be damage and not a die fault. The missing material is quite jagged which to me indicates this is damage. The dagger appears fine to me.
    Hi Bob,

    sorry i disagree with your opinion, ive blown it up till it was about 10x10"inch.
    Then its easy to see it is a cast or die fault, the deepest points ( the floor so to say at 2.00 clock) is exactly at the same level where the leg is missing a piece.
    The left leg of the swastika ( 8.00 o clock) has way to much material, typically bad cast, no damage can add material this way.

    can you imagine that you would wear this as a german officer? you would be laughed at IMO.
    Would you even accept a dagger like this?
    I have np with it being an original WW2 cast, but i guess someone took it of a trash can, and assembled it postwar.


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    So Gentlemen..can we agree that this dagger is parted..but Authentic? Regardless if it was done period or postwar?
    It is not the size of a Collection in History that matters......Its the size of your Passion for it!! - Larry C

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    Quote by Larry C View Post
    So Gentlemen..can we agree that this dagger is parted..but Authentic? Regardless if it was done period or postwar?
    I accept this verdict Larry. As I said earlier she will be with me from here on and the fact that its history may be from parts bins to curb the craving of GI souvenir hunting is fine with me. That is part of the story of the rise, fall and dismantling of the TR. I did fine on the trade and it was fair because I reduced the asking. I have a late war water police tunic made from a wool blanket that stirs things up a bit. The insignia are fine on it and I acquired for less than its sum total value (which is relative of course). So if the tunic is real or not would not be a huge disappointment. Kind of the same story with the dagger. I appreciate the attention and persistence in assessing this parts dagger. Thanks again gentlemen!!!

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