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Weyersberg Luftwaffe Sword

Article about: Thanks guys! Appreciate the expertise! It was \\$350 out the door; even better motivation for me to keep up this great hobby. AND, there is still the promise of a box of German badges as a fre

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    Default Weyersberg Luftwaffe Sword

    Hi folks. New poster. I normally collect Japanese and US edged weapons, but could not pass this one up. On a business trip treasure hunting after work and this came out of the back of a small antique shop when I asked the dealer for anything military. At first he said no, then remembered this in a corner next to his office desk where he had placed it years ago. Dust covered; he sold it to me for what he purchased it for which was VERY reasonable. He also has a box of German badges and some stick pins that he is going to throw in when he locates them. (That was after I purchased and we were chatting; not part of original discussion). Shop is one of those really cluttered treasures with stuff in every nook.

    I did a day's research of other Weyersberg aluminum swords offered by reputable dealers before buying and it matches point by point. Colors on gilt a little dull only because I had to use phone for pictures in my hotel room. Good contrast in person. Blade excellent; bright with needle point and no wear except some very faint in and out. All fittings in pretty much original condition with only a few scuffs to metal and leather at various places. Hanger matches those I saw on Weyersbergs also. Assembly number H48 stamped with individual number/letter stampings on scabbard throat (covered by leather washer when sword in scabbard) and pommel cap (at one end of oak leaves). Small eagle WaA stamp just above etched maker's mark; appears to be a 2 or a 5? I can't find any red flags, but this is not my area. Here are the main photos I used for comparison; everything spot on. If I did not have it in hand, I would ID the pics in the link below as my sword (minus a difference in wear rubs on drag and a couple spots on my grip wrap). Hanger and all other parts including 4 recessed mounting screws that appear to be blued finish for scabbard throat and tip are same also.

    Wittmann Militaria #35167 Aluminum Luftwaffe Officer's Sword by Paul Weyersberg

    Comments appreciated. These are my pics. I think it is good? Thanks in advance.

    Weyersberg Luftwaffe SwordWeyersberg Luftwaffe SwordWeyersberg Luftwaffe SwordWeyersberg Luftwaffe SwordWeyersberg Luftwaffe Sword
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    I do not see any red flags. Looks like a nice minty example, almost too good to be true, the number in the stickbird inspection stamp would be a 5, wish this stuff was sitting around at my antique shops LOL

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    I'll post some more photos tonight. Thanks!

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    Default More pics

    Still a phone camera, but daylight shows some of the minor wear. Scuffs and a couple scratches. Everything in terms of age and wear that helped sell me on originality enough to buy. I paid his asking price without haggling.

    Weyersberg Luftwaffe SwordWeyersberg Luftwaffe SwordWeyersberg Luftwaffe SwordWeyersberg Luftwaffe SwordWeyersberg Luftwaffe SwordWeyersberg Luftwaffe SwordWeyersberg Luftwaffe Sword

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    The kind of find that keeps you looking. Great sword.

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    nice one.

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    Beautiful sword! This one is in excellent condition. Congretulations and thanks for showing


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    Hi, one of the best Luftwaffe swords I ever seen! I have also one in my collection, but from trash and not so good. Thanks for showing this example, it is really pleasure to eye!

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    Hi, and welcome to the forum!

    Very nice indeed. Well done.

    Cheers, Ade.
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    Beautiful sword envious

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