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Ww2 german paratrooper gravity knife

Article about: HI im new to this site I need help can any one tell me if this is the real deal or a copy Stamped spike and also underside of lever has "616" impressed to it.

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    Bad, no arrow on it for a start. matty

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    Quote by mattty01 View Post
    Bad, no arrow on it for a start. matty
    Do the non takedowns have a arrow? I have two non takedowns that do not and I think this is proper as the arrow points to the takedown or disambely button Ned I love the Jimmy Durante picture and that was a give away with this knife they are sure getting better at fakes that one does not have brass rivits like most you see. timothy

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    good point no they don't! I don't know why I thought it was another take down model being questioned.

    Seems there are some very good repro gravity knives about.

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    Ned's analysis is pretty much correct.
    I have been told that original lanyards cost as much as the knife.
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    Bit like how some dagger hangers and knots cost more than the dagger itself.

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    Just come a cross this it looks very much like mine SMF Herstellerlogos
    is this a copy ??

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    Quote by king kong View Post
    Just come a cross this it looks very much like mine SMF Herstellerlogos
    is this a copy ??
    No. The maker mark used by SMF on their Heer and Luft daggers was different than that utilised on the gravity knife. There can be variances seen over time regarding the officers daggers by looking at various different makers marks on the page you posted. But as far as the gravity knife made by SMF only the sharp nosed, angular chin type is acceptable. You seem to be doubting everything here that has been posted to help you, why? You will no doubt deny this, but reading the entire thread and your replies, this certainly appears to be the case. Therefore, I'm out.
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    I just want to make sure be for I send it back to Dave of Allied & Axis Militaria he said there are 2 SMF patterns.??

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