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1916 Luger

Article about: Hi chaps, any opinions or red flags on this 1916 luger? The holster straps have cut at one point and has no spare mag or luger tool. The guns magazine number matches the gun. Cheers

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    Just interested in the bent barrel comments, on most luger pics to me the barrel looks bent, is this a commen trait? they are probably not but look it, all these pics here are differnt lugers, they cannot all have bent barrels?
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture 1916 Luger   1916 Luger  

    1916 Luger   1916 Luger  

    1916 Luger   1916 Luger  


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    I dunno, Ben...just took a quick surf around the site here and maybe my eyes are bent, but the ones I was looking at looked straight to me. Just a thought-being in the UK, is the Luger you're looking at a deact? Would kinking the barrels to make them unfirable be something they might do?

    1916 Luger1916 Luger1916 Luger

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    Not sure William to be honest, the gun is a deact, I dont think they bend them to stop them firing, just plug the barrels in lugers, I will have a good look on Monday, ifs its no good I can always leave it

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