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1921 Luger

Article about: 1921 Luger, I'm not sure if I might earn something by buying this 1921 Luger? It is sealed, deaktivated and well, it costs about 550\\$ What do you guys think? I allready have two Lugers from

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    I wouldnt buy it if you already have two WWII Lugers, since it's deactivated it's an expensive paper weight and will never fire again

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    you live in America, In America you can/could own a Barret 50cal rifle, it's a reason why there is X death a hour in The United States of America.. In Norway you are allowed to own Pistols, rifles but.. not maschine pistols and so on, and there is under 10-5 killings per year in Norway

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    sebastian in my honest opinion if you can get it get it lugers have been increasing in price every year when i first started in year 2000 i could get a luger for 400 now same luger 1100 bit over the top if you ask me but hey ho.........

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