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1941 byf Luger

Article about: Hi gents, just got back from Birmingham Militaria Arms fare where I have just picked up this new luger from. While I was there I met up with Ade and we had a walk around and looked at some o

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    Thanks for that Adam, I will go and have a look

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    Looks like a "Black Widow" Ben? Are the grips black Bakelite? Although I don't know if there is any truth in the fact that a post war US arms dealer labelled them thus as a marketing ploy. It does look very nice though..........even for a de-act

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    Yes John, the grips are black bakelite and it is a so called "Black Widow" on the luger forum I was told that this name was given to them by a dealer in the US to enhance their status and in fact they were not exclusively issued to the SS. But still nice to have one in a collection

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    Hi Ben, great as ever to see you. The Luger is great.

    I am dead chuffed with my items too.

    My mate Paul got a Enfield No.4 by Long Branch. So a good day had by all.

    Cheers, Ade.
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    Good Ade pleased he got something in the end, nice to see you again mucker

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    Gents, does anyone know where I can find info on how many lugers were made in a certain year by the difference makers?


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    great luger Ben.

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    Great P08, snap mine's a byf 41 so I guess I am biased!
    With production I believe accurate information is in short supply, especially year by year.
    Looking at the book in front of me I quote the following.
    DWM 765,000 1908-1919
    Eufurt 500,000 1910/11-1918
    Just after WW1 Vickers made/assembled 7,000
    Simson & Co 12,000 1924-1934
    Krieghoff 12,200 1933-1945
    Mauser on the other hand are much more detailed.
    1934 11,000
    1935 54,000
    1936 89,500
    1937 126,000
    1938 114,000
    1939 123,500
    1940 137,000
    1941 145,000
    1942 99,428
    I just picked up a holster for the P08 eqr 42, I will get some pictures later.
    Ralph Shattuck (not sure on the spelling) is the chap credited with coming up with the term "Black Widow" in the 1960's so he could sell the black gripped P08 for a Dollar or two more.

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    Hi Jonathan, great info mate, many thanks for that, I have just ordered a book I was recommended "Lugers are Random" apparently its very good for the novice collector

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    Jonathan. just another question if say in 1941 they made 145,000 were they broken down into batches? how could they have number 145,000 on a gun?

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