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1941 byf Luger

Article about: Hi gents, just got back from Birmingham Militaria Arms fare where I have just picked up this new luger from. While I was there I met up with Ade and we had a walk around and looked at some o

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    It does indeed look like you are mugging Ade for his new cap badges! Congratulations on a great luger!

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    Ben, the numbering at Mauser and other factories is the same.
    So to trace the 1941 figures you look at the start of production in 1934.
    Starts at number 1, with no suffix up to 9999, no suffix.
    No 5 digit numerical 10,000, but 1a, a being the suffix up to 9999a.
    Then 1b and so on right through the alphabet up to 9999z, then start all over again.
    I am pretty sure only Steyr (bnz) and Brunn (dot) were the only ones that reset the numbering at the beginning of each year, not that relevant as they didn't make the P08!!!
    All this talk of numbering reminds me, what suffix is yours?
    Mine is in the "p" block, 9332p.

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    Right mate got you, mine 41 is 6125q and the 1936 one is 622h, does the same apply to the DMW made lugers?

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    A 1941 byf you say? With an fxo mag?? Good grief, who would have thought it, I'm holding exactly the same in my hand right now....

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    Mmmm I need them pictures Mr Warren

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    Ben, I am 99.9% sure it is the same for DWM.
    I just looked at Mausers 1941 production serial numbers.
    They start in the n block, still using the "42" code which changes to "byf" in the o block, then all the up to the z block, reset up to the b block, end of 1941 production.

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    Cheers Jonathan, I need to get books

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    Great looking luger Ben.. I have one that looks like yours. except mine has wood grips. Got it from a veteran's estate. Looks like Ade is getting robbed for his treasures. Maybe you need to take a trip to the states and attend some of the gun shows and military shows we have. You would go crazy with all we have. Bring Ade along. He might just find something in the Russian section.
    Have a good day,

    I specialize in M1 carbines and Lugers.

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    Byf's 41's had both black grips with FXO mags = "Black widow", They also came in the usual walnut grips with al. bottomed mags. Widows mean nothing ,( war shortage , faster manufactoring),however they are sought after and usual command more money.

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    Another one, Ben?? Lordy,'ve got the "Luger Bug" Bad now....What's next? Will you start on the foreign contract pieces? Personally, I think they are the most fascinating of the Lugers...and they went Everywhere-Switzerland, The Netherlands, you name it-even the US! that you have a fine Artillery....on to the Navies? The Police issues,perhaps? Face're doomed! They're like potato chips! lol

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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