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30cal DWM luger vs BYF 9mm no comparison

Article about: This 30cal DWM luger is a tack driver compared to my BYF 9mm,its a real pleasure to shoot.Why did the germans give up accuracy for a more powerful round?I guess because it was a universal ca

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    Great info,I see what you mean,the more powerful 9mm cal is proven to be a better man stopper,but if you miss, that more powerful round wont do you any good.A head or chest shot with a more accurate gun will do more damage than a less accurate hit in the arm or leg.Always be a debate on accuracy vs power I guess.Anyway I would not want to be hit with either cal.!The luger was originally designed for the 30cal.and it just feels right when shooting.Dont get me wrong I have 2 9mm lugers and like them both,they are all good.
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    Just now noticed this down for past 10 days too..

    The second WW Lugers shared ammo with the MP 40. Seems the WW 1 guns had a 17 coil main spring & the WW 2 guns a 19 coil spring.............?????????

    I have Frank Sinatras PX Krieghoff. It is an earlier one as it has Krieg. markings on the toggle where as the second one I have is unmarked. Second one has bring home papers, holster & two numbered magazines. Other than that the guns are identical. Cant recall where this info can be found, but not too many years ago, there were SUPPOSEDLY less than 30 of the total of about 250 of the PX Krieghoff Luges known.

    I have been shooting a 1918 DWM & a 1916 Erfurt (just sold the Erfurt). Reliability with both was better with 124 gr ammo. Neither one liked Wally-Worlds white box Win or Rems equivilent.

    Off to gun show tomorrow & she is calling bed time. More later...........maybe.!!???


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    Thanks for the input gents, an informative and interesting thread to read

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