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Any idea of the Value of 1917 Luger?

Article about: My grandfather brought home this 1917 Luger. I have stories of him taking it from a dead german officer. (Note: My grandfather past away when I was a child so my memory is very fuzzy) From w

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    Default Re: Any idea of the Value of 1917 Luger?

    member Wagriff is indeed correct. Had it not been nickelplated or whatever it would have been worth plenty. What bothers me is the fact that it is an artillery model and that makes it more valuable and rare. Breaks my heart when I see these valuable pieces ruined by folks trying to pretty them up. Man if they only new.

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    Default Re: Any idea of the Value of 1917 Luger?

    Thank you all for your feedback. You given me a little more history on the gun.

    @Glenn66: The writing you see was a piece of tape my grandfather used to write his name and I'm guessing his serial number or id number.
    @Wagriff: This was all got from my grandfather. The was no extra magazines.

    A question: I really don't think my grandfather would have had it chrome plated. Would a german soldier or officer had it down when it was in his possession?

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    Default Re: Any idea of the Value of 1917 Luger?

    Highly unlikely that a German would have had it plated in service-shining away, it would attract very unwelcome attention from the other side-the original blued finish may have been damaged or very worn which may have prompted your Grandfather to get it refinished-peoples tastes change over time and as a souvenir he probably wasn't concerned about original condition like a current collector would be.

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    Default Re: Any idea of the Value of 1917 Luger?

    that cleaning rod is rare.

    the tool is for loading mags. they cut groves in the side of the loading tool so it stays in place against the mag contours and the hole fits over button on the mag. you use your thumb to push down on the tab of tht tool. it makes it much easier to load.

    yeah its shame it was chrome plated and not a complete rig. he must have had it chromed because it was either rough, or he just wanted to bling it out.not unusal back then.

    It would have been nice to have the wood stock too and the rest of it to mount the holster to the stock. like mentioned may pay to look around and see if he had any of the other accessories that came with it.

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    Thumbs up Lugar identification catalog

    There are several books to help you figure out what the markings mean. Their are paperback versions that have a short history and list of the markings for every batch of guns made. The one I like most is called The Standard Catalog of Luger and available on Amazon and by mail order ($250). The paperback version is $150 alone, but they have it in an electronic form that works with Kindle. Kindle is a free app you can run on most iPad or similar devices. I use it on my laptop. The Kindle edition was $15.

    The "90" you asked about is serial number. The full serial number is 4 digits and it is usually found on the frame and on the bottom of the barrel. There should be several "90" serial numbers visible on the left side and trigger. (later guns had as many as 11 serial numbers, but early models had fewer)

    The stylized stamp is "DWM" (Deutsche Waffen and Munitionsfabriken)

    My guess is that someone chrome or nickel plated the gun as a presentation piece. And, I agree, the kit you have may be worth as much as the gun in it's current condition - the leather holster, cleaning rod and clip are valuable. There is a fascinating history behind the holsters, too.

    Thanks for posting great pictures. I think it's a great heirloom and I hope you can pass it on.
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    Unfortunately the nickel plate reduces the value at most to the value of a shooter even if all matching. Artillary shooter in good condition (nice barrel, good trigger pull, tight gun with nice grips) would be valued at approx. 1200-1500 retail dollars. The nickel would be in the eye of the buyer willing to pay that much, but you never know if you find the right person. I sold my favorite shooter that I owned since a youth which was beautiful old blue, worked trigger and tight for 1500.00 and to tell you the truth wished I had it back as I do not currently have a shooter in my collection. Cleaning rod would need to be looked at for originality and proofing( not all were proofed,but does inc. value and or desirability to a buyer. Artiillary holsters vary between 390- to approx 650, again proofing,leather statis, stitching. The accessories in this case would be more valuable selling separately. The Real valuable holsters are the WWI Navies that run 2000-2500 currently.

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    Forgot to mention the 1917 Artiillary was the most common of the 1914 series Lange pistols,14 is the rarest 18 the next. There should be a second date ( in this case 1917) left base of the sight. There were sight varibles-adjustable 400 meter rear sight, adjustable front sight,rear adj. with non adj front. The entire artillary run was not really rare,but became rather rare as most were destroyed, rebarreled to 4" by the Treaty of Versailles. They are a great shooter, report sounds like a rifle, nice kick, and believe it as it will reach 400meters. If you decide to shoot it get it checked out as metallurgy was inferior to todays and you pistol is approaching a 100 yr birthday DO NOT USE +P ammo! If it were mine I would get it salt blued if you could find someone to do it, cherish it, buy a shoulder stock and play with it. Stocks are legal with the artillary and the Navy.

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    docf ; the process to have the plating removed to get a good 'reblue' is prohinitive for such a peice. I've been there and done that on thse vet pimped pistols.

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    Quote by gew98 View Post
    docf ; the process to have the plating removed to get a good 'reblue' is prohinitive for such a peice. I've been there and done that on thse vet pimped pistols.
    It's really a shame as I've never had to deal with one of these nickled pieces.

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