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Beautiful Luger

Article about: a very fine pistol sebastian the luger is a beutiful gun and the one im still after how much do these go for in norway (deact) over here they are a grand plus is the prices similar tom

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    I bought it sealed, we wouldn't be able to buy semi-autos in Norway anymore after what that "Anders Behring Breivik" did.. well that's a way to ruin it for a lot of people, but I understand why.

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    Hello Mikel

    There was no need to post such a comment about this young mans Luger pistol..

    Your post:
    Quote by Mikel View Post
    Ugh - a rotten stinking dead body of a Luger.

    Should be a special roped off forum for junk like this.
    Sorry for you.
    In this forum we keep a friendly tone towards everybody, we are all collectors and don’t talk garbage towards anyone or about anyone’s collectibles..
    I personally find your comment unacceptable from an adult... You may have the opportunity to own LIVE weapons, and I envy you that.
    I myself own both live and deactivated weapons, but not everybody has the option..
    Some members don’t even get the opportunity to own a deactivated weapon!

    I agree with you that deactivated weapons are a shame, and I think the bigger part of the forum agree with you to... But that is just the way it is...

    In future, please act like an adult and don’t make another stupid reply like that again, you will not earn any respect that way,
    and it is certainly not any way to make friends.. And if you can post that you can take this. This post was not ment to attack you,
    only to give my honest opinion on your comment.

    My philosophy on deactivated weapons and live weapons is the following:

    If it is deactivated then it is deactivated, buy it and enjoy it..
    But if the weapon is live and you don’t have the proper license,
    leave it for another collector to enjoy, don’t deactivate a weapon
    unless it is of personal historic value..

    No hard feelings Mikel, I hope to see you around the forum, but with a different attitude, happy collecting!
    Would hope that you would post some photos of your weapons for us to enjoy

    Best regards from Norway

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    Looks like you have a very old deactivation, winch is not that common anymore..
    The “normal” old spec (deactivation) method in Norway is done the following way:

    1 – Usually a bolt that is welded in place from the bottom of the chamber (Not visible at all if done by a pro, you have to take the gun apart to find the deactivation)

    2 – The bolt is ether cut in a 45 degree cut so that it is hardly visible even when you cycle the gun, or the firing pin is welded lightly in place in the fired position (a small “point” weld)

    3 – The disassembley catch is welded and with a small “point” weld that prevents the disassembley of the gun.

    Your Luger seems to lack the third point on the list
    They are getting hard to find done in this manner

    Best regards from Norway

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    that looks like a black widow. one of the most desireable of the nazi lugers.

    some black plastic grips would look really cool on her !!


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    Black widow?

    Hey guys is there any way I can find out where it have been used, who used it?
    I've got some numbers on it, all the same numbers.

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    black widows i think were gestapo
    all the same numbers i would assume means matching numbers which makes it worth a lot more


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    Thanks Tom, but do you know how I can find out Who, in the Person that used it?

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    Quote by Sebastian View Post
    Thanks Tom, but do you know how I can find out Who, in the Person that used it?
    highly unlikely sorry


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    In theory it is possible to find out who a particular firearm was issued to. Serial numbers of weapons issued were entered into the man's Soldbuch. But in the real world it is really impossible. The odds of finding a soldbuch still existing and marrying this up to a gun to millions to one!

    Cheers, Ade.
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    more than 5530000 to one (and thats just the dead) not much hope unless you won a few lotterys


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