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byf luger

Article about: th grips are a lil loose, i have a set i bought at a gun show a while ago, they were nice and at a price i could not pass up, il save th original grips, and use th set i bought so i dont mes

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    Quote by dave1963 View Post
    thank you for your help, yes il post pics asap, iv always wanted a luger, its th 1st 1 i found in my price range
    Me too, I have a relic example said to have been dug up in Normandy and it is a favorite in my collection.

    I checked the book and if yours is marked byf, then the 42 is the date as this version was only made in 1941 & 1942. There was a commercial version of this, marked W after the serial number which was for Portugal, though if it is marked ku on the right side of the chamber it would be a much rarer model made for the Kustenfleigerstafflen (coastal flying service).


    Whatever its just an opinion.

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    damm, lol

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    That is a very good price for a luger today Dave. One I saw was an S/42 all original but was $1600. Never reblue yours as this will kill value. Bet you could sell yours for a lot more than you paid. Wish I still had mine but traded for modern pistol I just had to have. Did not know the value would sky rocket. Congradulations on your new purchase. Looking forward to pics.

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    no i will not re blue it, as tempting as it may be lol, i will find a correct date matched holster and hopefully a correctly numbered mag, question ? would a shoulder stock b correct for it ??

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    Best stay away from that stuff. Believe there was federal law forbidding shoulder stocks for pistols. Remember reading about it quite a few years back.

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    I think they revised it for the older shoulder stocked pistols recently to make them legal, I'm not sure though.

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    I know Walther P-38 and Lugers well. Get them pictures up if you can so i may be able to help you. The four digit # followed by a letter typically indicates the production run count. Example 0001-9999A. then 0001-9999B and so on. I'll explain more when i see your pics. this may good for starters. Sounds like yours was in the H run.

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    A very good buy, Dave...I agree, there is no way to pinpoint the individual that the weapon was issued to, due to war loses and stuf...Locating a correct, matched, magazine is ultra hard but not impossible, as for the shoulder stock if i remember right is right next to impossible for acquire and prohibitive in price as they cost a fortune, besides the historically incorrect point. ''42'' Mausers were never issued with a shoulder stock, the stock lug was a production standard that remained 'till the end of production but was never realy used...Post pictures please...Best regards, Thanos.

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    it wont let me upload pics ??????

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    ok i think i got a pic up lol

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