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dug luger help

Article about: I dug this from a pond just a few miles from where i live (Southern England)a few years ago. ive cleaned it up to what i think is a pretty solid state considering its age. My opinion is , is

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    Quote by Bill Grist View Post
    It is a WW1 German Navy Luger...BILL
    Short 'n' sweet. Yer good Bill !

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    Quote by gibba1008 View Post
    thanks for the responce guys, bill, ww1 navy, the 6 inch barrel suggests navy but what makes you sure its ww1, not questioning your judgement my friend, just would like to learn. also what are the 200 numbers stamped on the rear under toggle? many thanks paul
    ww1 bring back?
    6 inch BBl. Navy Lugers were only Made in WW1 mostly 1916.. The 200 on the rear toggle is part of the sighting system the 200 is for 200 meters.. This weapon was a WW1 or WW2 bring back and was tossed in the pond when it became a crime to own it in England or was used in a crime and tossed... The Navy Luger pictured is not mine... BILL
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    thanks bill

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    Ponds are a regular place where veterans souveneirs ended up I knew a dealer who had a German built Browning hi power from a pond very corroded, he cleaned it up and used to use it on the range you would never have believed it to look at it.

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    It is a very nice Luger by the way and staggering it ended up in a pond, imagine what it would be worth now if it were not a relic

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    Yes, IKnow what you are saying there lustforrust, I own an 1898 service revolver made by Colt, this was dug from France some years ago, this too has been deactivated because it was simply in such good order. There are some great finds still out there im sure......
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture dug luger help  

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    Yes, even a completely cutaway weapon needs a deac ticket according to the letter of the law.

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    no doubt about it. its a naval luger.arty ones had the rearsight on the barrel

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    paul. the 200 is the range. it has 100 and 200 metre sights. as to its history after the first war in 1921 the british goverment was so scared of a communist uprising in britain that they banned firearms and brought in licencing. the troops were told that they would have a better standard of life after they got back from the trenches but of course it never happened. thats why the goverment banned firearms. think about it. all those ex soldiers trained in the use of weapons. alot of the souveniers were therefore dumped or buried. hope this helps

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