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DWM 1917 Luger Artillery

Article about: My father returned home with this 1917 Artillery Luger war trophy in 1945.

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    Quote by AZPhil View Post
    I'm still drooling uncontrollably about this one. Do you have the stock/holster that goes with this?
    I would like to add that the little old lady story just adds to the greatness of this fine piece...
    Semper Fi
    Have neither. Am interested in an authentic hostler, where to look?

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    Nice Luger !!! Good to hear that it belonged to a little old lady. These weapons are nearly always taken from a German officer lol.Thanks for showing us

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    Lovely looking Luger and in cracking condition

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    Just ran across this thread. very nice luger you have. and some family history to go with it.
    thanks for showing us,

    I specialize in M1 carbines and Lugers.

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