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Inherited 1936 P08, looking for info

Article about: My grandfather brought back a 1936 P08 from the war with him and since then it has just been sitting in a drawer, other than the times we snuck it out to play with it as kids. Since his rece

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    Beautiful piece. I love it. From 2007 standard catalog of firearms: 4 Digit Dated Krieghoff. 4" barrel, 9mm caliber. It has a stock lug and the Krieghoff trademark on the front toggle link. The safety and extractor are marked, and the grips are brown plastic. The date of production, 1936-1945 is stamped above the chamber. There were approximately 9,000 manufactured within the 4500-14000 serial number range. EXC= 4000, V.G.= 3000, Good= 1850, Fair= 950, Poor= 750 add 20-35 percent for later years

    There are more up to date refernece books but all of my current catalogs are in the car and it is raining outside.

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    Very nice!

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    I'm not sure if it is still fireable. I'm fairly certain it was never tampered with but how would I check to see if it had been neutered? Also the marks above the safety seem about right for a 9mm round (I'm assuming while filling the magazine); are these common for these guns?

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    Did your grandfather win the Croix de Guerre?

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    He did. Wondering how on earth you could have known that I went back through and saw the obit draft in the corner of the one shot. Didn't realize it was in there when the pictures were taken several months ago when we were trying to learn more about the gun's history but never got very far. If you're interested, this was the final cut: Obituary: Joseph F. Weis Jr. / Judge celebrated in court, on battlefield - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

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    Wow, He sounds like quite a man.....sorry for your loss. For what it is worth, I would make sure that this spectacular heirloom piece always stays in the family.

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    I will assume, going by the Pittsburgh paper, that you are located in the US. So, I imagine that this Krieghoff is still fully functional, as most GI's in the States did not de-activate them. Selling it would likely not be possible in the Classifieds here, in that case. I would advise to contact one of the several Luger specialist dealers-they all have websites online. You could probably get a better price doing a private sale, but it would have to conform with your local and state laws and if sold out of state, would have to be shipped to a licensed firearm dealer in the destination location. It's a nice Krieghoff straight out of the woodwork-good luck!

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    Quote by Wagriff View Post
    1. A superb and highly collectable Krieghoff. Very desirable-particularly in matching order with original holster and tools.
    2. Is it still fire-able or has it been neutered?
    3. Are fire arms-especially live ones- allowed to be sold here in the Classifieds?
    4. Which country are you located in?
    Well William, we now know it's not firing blanks, and can not be sold on the classifieds. I'm from the UK, and all guns here are deactivated ( well should be except for the black market ) I did not even give it a second thought that it may be in full working order.

    If I have miss led any members regarding the sale of Live weapons in the classified then please except my apologies.

    Regards SK

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    Quote by SteveR View Post
    I hope you understand that a members thoughts on value are NOT an Official Appraisal nor is it sanctioned by War Relics Forum as such. It is just a personal opinion by a member.
    I guess I should keep my experiance and thoughts to myself in the future.

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    Quote by habicht View Post
    I guess I should keep my experiance and thoughts to myself in the future.
    No need, valuations are always welcome but it is also needful to remember that any given, like opinions are just what one person thinks.


    Whatever its just an opinion.

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