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Interesting Luger

Article about: I came across this rather interesting Luger the other day, and never able to resist a bargain - I made the purchase. It arrived today... and what a bargain it has turned out to be. Originall

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    great Looking luger Steve. Sorry I have not been on the forum to see it till now.

    I specialize in M1 carbines and Lugers.

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    Now I have had chance to study the Luger a bit more, I am more convinced than ever that it was re-worked to be used by the East German army or police organisations. As previously said, the slide is dated 1916 - although I cannot be certain whether the frame actually belongs to the slide. The toggle action is a (1935) large S/42... the side plate has a cut-out at the top which indicates it was once on a police Luger. There is obviously no way of knowing when the pistol was rebuilt, and although there is the Russian capture mark (X), it does not necessarily mean that it was assembled from retrieved components. All small parts are matching numbers, although the side-plate has almost certainly had the original number removed and new one applied. There is only the toggle action which had the original number barred out. The pins in the toggle action also carry the correct last two of the serial number. None of the numbers are scratched in... they are properly stamped. The West German proofs were still used after reunification, so this pistol has been in more or less continuous use throughout the most turbulent years of 20th century German history.

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