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Jersey Lugers

Article about: the luger is the most legendary pistol ever,IMO. all the variations make them other pistol can come close to the luger's history. every bad guy in the movies always had one. they

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    Default Jersey Lugers

    I know I posted a thread with a number of my Lugers but this is just 4 of them. We used to see quite a few of them around here but they have definitely dried up these days. I realise not everyone is interested in "lots" of the same item but they really are works of art.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Jersey Lugers   Jersey Lugers  

    Jersey Lugers   Jersey Lugers  

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    Very nice are are they deactivated . Gary

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    Default Re: Jersey Lugers

    I doubt D. would have deac P08's More great items Sir....

    [h=3]e plu·ri·bus u·num[/h]

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    Very nice Lugers. I agree - works of art.........!


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    Eric I was just curious if you could have live guns in Jersey or do they have the same laws as Great Britain . Gary

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    Hi Gary,
    No, all my pistols and semi auto rfiles are live, we have different laws here in the Channel Islands which allows us to hold these guns. I have had a license since I got my first gun at 13. We shoot on the range every week here sometimes twice a week so shooting is still alive and well here.

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    D. Very nice to hear that. It always hurts a little to see a nice WWII weapon deactivated. You have one very nice collection .

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    Very nice cobber, you're a lucky man. Can you have them on display or are you required to keep them in a gun safe? I can display my deacts here but I have to keep the live ones locked away in a gun safe.

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    I am allowed to display them in my museum.. if I want, but at home they can be on diplay in a purpose built armoury but not allowed to be left out on the mantle piece for sure.

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    Default Re: Jersey Lugers

    Lugers are the only pieces I like a lot of.
    Quite a few variations.

    Not as common as at one time, nor as cheap!

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