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Ku Marked Luger

Article about: Hi chaps This will be my latest buy a very nice and all matching numbered Ku luger. It came from the estate of a gent who passed away and at the moment the gun is still live waiting to be de

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    Cheers Tim, it looks it has one on the right hand side of the weapon, I can show this when the gun arrives

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    Wonderful Luger Ben

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    Great looking Luger Ben. Can't wait to see the new pictures.

    I specialize in M1 carbines and Lugers.

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    Cheers John, I am also getting pics of the belt and buckle it came with and hopefully the holster. I am trying to get as much detail from the family as possible on the downed aircraft and maybe find out who the pilot was that handed it over

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    Quote by Ben Evans View Post
    In the UK Jeff we have no option unless you are a firearms dealer and have a section 5 ticket, pain in the ass
    Not quite correct Ben, I have a live Luger held on a UK Firearms Certificate under Section 7(3) (Heritage Firearms) I am neither a RFD or have Section 5 authorisation.

    That said I do like your new de-act, a very nice piece to own, please post some decent photos when you finally get it.

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    Can you send me a PM or email on to get one?

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    Its a nice one ben .....i am now an RFD 😍 and i just took in an artillery luger 1916 dated.....all matching, but she's a shooter and will stay that way

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    very nice Ben,can you get any details of the pilot and bomber.

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    John, looking into getting a section 7 ticket

    Harry, on my to do list, waiting for info from the original owners

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    wish you luck with that Ben. Only downside to a 7 is you can't keep it at home, it has to be locked up, I "think" the only place near to you is Bisley, although I could be wrong, I'm a little out of touch

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