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Ku Marked Luger

Article about: Hi chaps This will be my latest buy a very nice and all matching numbered Ku luger. It came from the estate of a gent who passed away and at the moment the gun is still live waiting to be de

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    Quote by John Brandon View Post
    wish you luck with that Ben. Only downside to a 7 is you can't keep it at home, it has to be locked up, I "think" the only place near to you is Bisley, although I could be wrong, I'm a little out of touch
    Mate if thats the case then I will not bother, not worth having something stored in another place

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    Dear Ben

    Perhaps it may be a good idea to take advice before this remarkably rare P08 is well and truly emasculated.

    Rather like John, I am now out of touch with the joys of UK FAC issues and actually, I live in a Kingdom where radio controlled model helicopters are banned - never mind a bl**dy Luger.

    When I was in the UK, there was no problem in holding this type of Firearm at home, although subject to full and absolute adherence to strict storage arrangements. This and as John has suggested has more than likely changed, although is worthy of investigation. The problem that I originally encountered was providing a valid and acceptable reason and motive for wishing to hold fully operational small arms.

    Worth a chin wag with someone in authority.



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    Hi David, hope all is well, I have spoken with my FAO as I hold a shotgun FAC. The fact being 9mm and made prior to 1919 is the problem, there is no way I would be allowed to keep this at home at all, bloody shame

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    There is a way round it Ben.......... As i am a registered firearms dealer. And, here on the island, we can have pistols, you could put it on my register, and come over here and shoot it, otherwise, you'll have to butcher it

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    Cheers John but I would rather have it at my house with the rest, might have to move over there lol

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