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Luger Drummag

Article about: Hey guys! I saw this Luger Drummag on an a auction. I think it's a good piece, but the seller want's 1115\\$ for it I know it's a rare thing, but isn't the price a little highe? Attachment 277

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    Quote by Mikel View Post
    In 50+ years collecting related items I have actually managed to pick up a bit of knowledge.
    I hardly consider myself an expert, but know a thing or two. Do you suppose I am simply making this stuff up?

    All this is out there for someone willing to bear down and do a bit of actual research and study.
    There are more Luger books and references than I care to count.
    Disputing something with no basis other than attitude is wearisome.
    Realy sorry if i offended you Mikel...
    The photo of Ade cleared things pretty well...
    Regards, Thanos.

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    As others have opined the drum mag is a very hard to find item. The last on I bought a few years ago was $1100 and I was glad to get it. Since the every SAR show I go to in Phoenix the dealer tells me how sorry he was he sold it to me and wants to but it back with a $200 premium if I sell it back to him. I still have it, it works great on my 1916 DWM Artillery Luger. If it is still available I would grab it. Just my opinion.

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