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M1906 Swiss Bern Luger

Article about: Hi guys this arrived this morning, a very nice all matching 1929 dated Swiss Bern Luger. The holster for it is also en route to me

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    I think there will always be mixed feelings on deacts vs shooters. As an American, yes, I am saddened to see so many of the old vets go to the surgeons, but when you really look at it, does it make alot of difference? How often do you see Sopwith Camels being flown these days? You wouldn't dare risk them, and the same applies, I believe, to the old guns as well. Firing or not, they are being Saved and preserved, and that's all that Really matters, isn't it? Eventually, at Some point in time, it would be insane to still shoot them. Granted, Some of the deac Methods are simply brutal and destructive. To see them crudely hack huge cuts through the middles of them or drill enormous multiple Holes in the barrels makes a person cringe, for sure, but the Newer methods are more internal and unseen, and this is fine. I remember the days they used to simply plug the barrels with a slug of lead! Today? Not so much! But Far better than some grotesque welding cuts across the receivers and slides, etc, like Some that you run into. Today's deacts are fine display pieces and are not Needed to still shoot. There are some Very Fine collections out there today that amply prove this. You can still hold them in your hand and Feel their history. And nothing bad about that!

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    The holster for this gun arrived this morning, the closure strap needs repairing but overall a very nice holster
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture M1906 Swiss Bern Luger   M1906 Swiss Bern Luger  

    M1906 Swiss Bern Luger   M1906 Swiss Bern Luger  

    M1906 Swiss Bern Luger   M1906 Swiss Bern Luger  


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    Nice Ben

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    Ben, your swiss Luger is in outstanding condition. A couple of years ago, I was at a gun show here in the US and bumped into Edward Tinker who had just written a book, Simson Lugers. I bought a copy and found it is a great reference book. I have yet to come across one that I can afford. They are the top shelf when talking Lugers. I would have never known yours was deactivated, I know that they have a deactivate stamp. I was trying to find what was done to make your Luger de-active.

    To the US poster, these Lugers are firearms and need to be fired from time to time. If a person is a avid gun enthusiast shooting them is sometimes hard not to do. They are military guns, not junk. I just do not use P+ ammo and shoot rarely.


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