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My 1941 Byf Luger

Article about: Hi guys, I wanted to share with you my Mauser 1941 Luger P08, which I bought in April for myself. I payed, well I don't really want to share it, partly because I don't want to have overpaid

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    Quote by Ben Evans View Post
    Looks nice, a bit of pitting on the top, is it from Real Guns?
    No I picked it up from D&B, cost me 790, which I was happy to pay I guess. You're not too far from me mate, I'm Derby as well.

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    Quote by severin View Post
    Have a look at the number under the barrel, above the trigger guard. This where the full serial number is located on P08s.
    Under '7667' you will probably find a letter in italics. The serials were 1 - 9999, and then 1a - 9999a and 1b 9999b and so on.
    Where the letter represented a 10000 block. eg serial number 4444a = 14444 and 4444c = 34444 if that makes sense.

    Looks like '7667 ll' or at least it looks like two Ls
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture My 1941 Byf Luger  

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    It's a 'u' so 7667u making it a late 1941 manufactured P08.


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    Wow, okay that's some info I didn't know, I didn't even notice that, the u is also on the mag but the mags an earlier produced one to the gun. Would this have been used in combat do you think?

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    Definitely issued, but how it would have been used and by whom is forever lost to history.


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    Sadly so, and that's the case unless you buy it with a vet grouping or from the family. 😊 I think this was one that was deactivated shortly after Dunblane so it was probably bought to be shot in the early 60s / 70s but after Dunblane the guy had it deactivated. It's probably been owned before by someone on this forum for all we know!

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