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My thought on the British proof marks are, i should imagine that before the 1997 handgun ban in the U.K, it was a live firing pistol. Then our great government decided to treat us like kids and ban the handgun, most revolvers and pistols were melted down but some were sold to dealers this is one that got through thank god.
I was just about to ask my British members about the laws governing the UK in owning handguns.Here only the cretin criminals have guns which they buy in North Carolina and then come up to New York and rob and murder citizens and we should not according to the scumbag Mayor we have dare shoot the scumbag criminals.If you are caught with a handgun here you are arrested and treated by the Gestapo law enforcement as a criminal!I know before you post the return posts that the laws are the law.I am not saying that every person should have an illegal weapon,but you try to get a handgun permit in NYC and the surrounding areas and see how you are treated.A great many British soldiers and American soldiers gave there lives to preserve our ways of life and the new politians want us to not preserve our lives!!Carl