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Xmas Pressie

Article about: by Logictox Good looking pistol Ben. I see it was never refitted with the later trigger bar that came out in 1916 as many early models were. Congratulations. Can you elaborate on the trigger

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    Are they easy to buy? Would the Firearms Officer issue me one?


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    7.1 is a collectors licence so you need to prove you are a bone fide collector and as you have a number of examples and other items, (ref. books being a good idea) then there is a good chance. Do a search for sect 7.1 and see what is involved, the price of security may be off set by cheaper guns that are correct and true. 7.1 means you can't shoot them as you are not permitted to acquire live ammo but you can keep them as part of a collection.

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    Just been reading about it, I will ring the Firearms guy tomorrow

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    Saints preserve us! Ben could go "live"!! What is the World coming to? lol

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    Dont hold your breath, the license is very hard to get, even for ex military who taught weapons!

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