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Yesterday I inherited a 1936 Luger. I'm still in awe and would very much appreciate any insight into the markings.

Article about: Extremely nice and very valuable Luger pistol. Yes it was made by Mauser. I would imagine the value could be as high as \\$2000 these days. I am sure it has much sentimental value so If it wer

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    Default Re: Yesterday I inherited a 1936 Luger. I'm still in awe and would very much appreciate any insight into the markings.

    Oh Boy! Jackpot!

    Mismatched mags do not detract from the value.
    Matched mags enhance it.
    Very common to see attempts to renumber mags.
    1936 had particularly nice finish.
    Nothing special or unusual about the markings. Standard period stuff.
    Even today, $2000 for this rig is almost insulting.

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    Nicely displayed and photographed!
    That's a keeper and it's probably worth $2500, with the holster and provenance.
    Have a closer look in the Luger Standard Catalog (Kindle edition is only $14).
    I find the acceptance stamps to be fascinating.
    "S/42" was one of the codes used for the Mauser factory.
    You should have 11 parts with matching serial numbers ("21"). The full number is only in two places.
    This is a very desirable relic !

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    Extremely nice pistol and even better with the family connection! Thank you for sharing!

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    That is outstanding, especially with the history, it being a family item, and having the photos etc. a collector couldn't wish for more. The story of your early military markings on it is interesting also, the number 63 under the stamped eagle versus the swastika. I "think" they started using that in 1937. There's numerous books which go into detail on the markings. Thanks for the pics and background on it. Wonderful set!

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    Very cool pistol!.....
    It's a wasted trip baby. Nobody said nothing about locking horns with no Tigers.

    I'm Spartacus, not really i'm Paul!...

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    First off, condolences on the passing of your grandfather and uncle. It is awesome that this pistol and its provenance is staying in your family. Congratulations on acquiring a very special piece of world and family history!

    BTW - excellent photography and presentation, very nicely done.

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    Very nice luger with some family history.

    I specialize in M1 carbines and Lugers.

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    Nice Luger and holster and Family pedigree keep such a nice gun and history in your family. timothy

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    Very nice luger in cracking condition with known history with, does really get much better than that

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