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Australian collectors

Article about: Hello again everyone, To all the Australian collectors out there I wish to inform you about the upcoming "Big Show" on this weekend, the 27 and 28. Again it will be held at the RNA

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    good i thought that helmet was in realy good condtion he let me touch it i went up to melb that day just to see it

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    sounds like a realy big show we had the geelong collectors fair this weekend about 20 tables there was one raaf blue side cap there

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    Sounds like a great event Morris, it's a bit far from my end of the continent but maybe next year I'll head over. We had the legacy auction this weekend but I have missed out, unfortunately we were hit by a dickhead running a red light this morning and he's conveniently written the wife's car off. We actually have anothe military fair here in Perth in a couple of weeks.

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    hope you guys are ok mate

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    Thanks mate, we're ok, a few cuts, bruises and a couple of broken ribs but nobody's dead and nobody's pregnant so alls good, cars can be replaced. 6 hours in hospital for x rays, check ups etc but we're home now and I'm drinking a pain killer! I won't mention the ethnicity of the moron who ran the red light lest I'm banned, I'll just say he was not from our neck of the woods. Sorry for taking over the thread gents, back to the military fair, looking forward to your pics Morris!

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    My small buys WW1 Gold and back wound badges and a early Tobruk cap tally for my display.


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    this bloody uploader always gets me.

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    i cant see any of these images for some reason

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    i have no clue it always dose this

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    sunday night mate had a big day give it a go tommrow ha

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