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Australian collectors

Article about: Hello again everyone, To all the Australian collectors out there I wish to inform you about the upcoming "Big Show" on this weekend, the 27 and 28. Again it will be held at the RNA

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    Default Australian collectors

    Hello again everyone,
    To all the Australian collectors out there I wish to inform you about the upcoming "Big Show" on this weekend, the 27 and 28. Again it will be held at the RNA showgrounds in Brisbane and will hold 500 tables. I hope to see any Australian forum members there if they can make it.

    scroll to the bottom for the January show photos


    - - Updated - -

    also here is a news article that reported on the show, for the first time.

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    Why does Australia have so many shows? I wish I was there lol

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    Wish I could make it but stuck in Sydney! Would love to see photos from the event if someone can post them afterwards...?

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    I will be more than happy to take some photos for the members .

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    Went to the show today,as well as earlier this year.
    Fantastic array of tables there,with some really great gear.
    However being a Helmet Collector (mainly Australian) i was disappointed again with the lack of Australian Helmets
    But i did get my 7 year old a Teddy Bear in uniform.
    Morris,i didnt get to say g'day but i was the guy with the "Florida State Seminoles" T shirt on with a 7 year old in tow helping me pick out all the items that i couldnt afford
    Cheers Mick

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    Would love to be there Morris but it's a long way from Tassie mate. Envy envy
    We have our little Midlands Military Meet and Rendezvous in Campbell Town on the week-end of the 24th -25th November coming up soon.
    It's a good couple of day's where Tassies collectors can get together for a yarn or two.Looking forward to it that's for sure as it's the biggest event of it's type down here.
    Have fun at the show

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    Thanks for all of the replies guys, i had a chat to Danny Watson the creator of the show who is also a dealer, the photos will be posted shortly. Mick mate there were so many family's there (good thing) it would have been hard to spot you. The show is worth going to, the area where the show was held this time was not as good as the one earlier this year. The hall was large and was full of some good stuff. But coming to the sad part there were dealers that were trying to pass off crap for the real deal especially the high end German badges. I hope that you all enjoyed it and Dave i hope you might be able to make it one day. A small notification that in 2-3 years i will be placing a table at the show, so until then i hope to see members there.

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    Hopefully one day soon Morris.
    Looking forward to the pic's mate.

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    Default Re: Australian collectors

    did anyone se that m35 ddss helmet or have a good look at it.

    - - Updated - -

    it was at melb show where i seen it and was heading up there

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    Yes, that was displayed at my good fried David Wright table. At the start of the show i was able to get a good close up look and feel of it.............It is an amazing example which is museum worthy. If any body purchased anything post to to display the items on show, i will upload my buys in the next hour

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