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saddleworth show

Article about: friday 13th aug till sunday Yanks Are Back In Saddleworth - Show / Display in Oldham, OLDHAM - Oldham

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    It was a great show and had a couple of nice finds there
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture saddleworth show  

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    its a shame tho that some cretin reported a landlord for dressing up as a german Pub landlord dresses up as a Nazi and gets visited by police |

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    Hi Dave, perhaps not the best of uniform choices, but a complete over top reaction. The black SS uniform will always generate this kind of reaction with the general public. As a result the overwelming majority of British based re-enactors would never wear such a thing in public. I have seen foreigners come to Beltring and wear this type of thing in the beer tent. Even though this is "after hours" and no public, it is not liked at all. The wearing of soldiers uniforms is OK, but this is seen to be more of a political uniform.

    Cheers, Ade.

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    Hi Ade
    i remember at beltring there used to be a young lad dressed up as hitler youth with leather trench coat.
    he looked very spooky indeed, it was not that well liked. i have to say whatever the motives for dressing up like this is it makes you think.

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    Hi Nice helmet what is it from?

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    I think you're asking for trouble by wearing that unless in the company of close friends or during a reenactment....

    Personally, I would ask for my money back for the rental of the uniform if I was that guy....Is that a Luft eagle on an SS uniform?!

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    its all ott if they didnt turn up at the shows it would be not much ta talk about ss that is enyway 2nd battle group s ok im in it cheers

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