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Sos 2015

Article about: Yeah, yeah, it's still four months away, but who here has SOS 2015 penciled in on their calendar, reservations made and money stashed away in secret locations throughout the house? This guy

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    Hi Michael, yes it was sold by a GHW member, it's always been a bit of a controversial piece, Ken N bought it, he liked it and the price was right.
    Picked up I think 7 SS helmets at the show among others. Best part is the social aspect however. Great times!

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    I am so very disappointed I did not get to see that stash of German steel in person Doug. It was great to meet you and Todd, and everyone else you introduced me to as well. I appreciate everyone taking a break from walking to chat. I will be looking forward to next year (will be? I am, already.) Hopefully I will have some more scratch though!

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    Well, I just walked into my house at 3am. My flight to Baltimore was cancelled due to an ice storm, so I rented a car and off I went on a 12 hour journey home. Thank God I drive for a living so it wasn't anything major deal with. But, I love flying so the flight being cancelled was a real bummer.

    I did very well at this show. Brought home two helmets and a visor.

    I must say I really had an awesome time this year. I met more people and got introduced to and socialized with some high rollers. It was great to finally meet the man, the myth and the legend; Doug B! Doug you are a very gracious host. I hope to one day make the trek to your dwelling and view your magnificent collection. Arnold Palmer and vodka for me, whenever that trip happens That looks like a killer Quit M35 you got. I am envious! How did I not see that there? Nice pic with Andy, you wouldn't know he lives in Florida with those pasty legs.

    Best quote I heard after Helmetfest:

    Andy: "Christ, this place looks like Woodstock." LMAO!!

    I will be very much looking forward to 2016.

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    Nathan/Todd was great to meet you as well. I'm still bagged, tired as hell after nearly a week of helmets and helmet related fun.

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    Some thoughts on the SOS...

    I arrived at noon on Saturday. I couldn't get a room for Friday night so I drove up Saturday morning. This did not allow me nearly enough time to enjoy the show. Next year I will make my reservations earlier.

    I forgot my W. German rucksack that I usually take to shows. I didn't realize this until I got there. So I emptied my suitcase (luckily it was a soft bag) in the back of my SUV and used it.

    I hurried through the show but still missed a lot of stuff because by the time I got 3/4 of the way through, a lot of dealers were already packing up. This did work to my advantage because I got some good deals from dealers that were about to leave.

    Next year I will join the OVMS so I can get in earlier...

    And next year I will make sure I get to meet some of you guys!

    So for anyone who has never been but is thinking about going next year...
    Make your reservations early
    Allow yourself at least two days (or, at least one FULL day) to see everything
    Start saving money now (you will never have enough)
    Bring a bag, backpack or something to put your stuff in
    Join the OVMS so you can get in early
    And try to meet up with the guys from this forum!

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