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Tankfest 2019

Article about: Hi guys, Thought I'd share some pics from this one. Some nice vehicles on display this year, Jagdpanther, Panther, Dutch Boxer and PRTL, Firefly etc. It was great to see the Jagdpanther movi

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    Wonderful photos. Love to go one day. Seems like a large percentage of those photographed tanks I made an Airfix model of as a child. So like seeing old friends.

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    doh...another Forum re-union opportunity missed!!!! :-) But from the angle of the Arena pics we were pretty much in the same place...on different days......

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    Quote by MAP View Post
    Awesome. I could see this year after year too and never get tired of it!!!
    You guys have SoS - we have Tankfest / Bovington. It is awesome, i've been 3 times but not this year.
    It is very well run operation and you really are spoilt with the tanks on offer. I first went to Bovington when i was about 8 years old with my father - long before i got in to collecting. Happy memories.

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    Just one more - I worked my point'n'shoot camera hard yesterday and just came across this . I'd never seen a Sherman Firefly in motion before and this one was certainly moving. For me a great opportunity to view a vital weapon in the Normandy campaign.

    Tankfest 2019

    Right - no more, I promise !

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    Out of interest, did the Japanese tank turn up at all on the Saturday? It disappeared from the tank park mid-afternoon on the Friday and didn't show up first thing Saturday. It started up once but didn't move, looked like it had quite an interesting history with all the bullet strikes and the peppered stowage cans.

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    The Panther had French colors, because it was used by French Army against the pockets of the Atlantik, like St Nazaire.
    The best Militaria forum in France is here :

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    The best Militaria forum in France is here :

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    Default Sunday's TankFest Carousel

    Thanks to everyone else for great pictures. Some pretty poor additions from me I'm afraid.

    A still from a short video I took (apologies - just on my phone from the family viewing area):
    Tankfest 2019

    A couple of pictures of Armoured Cars from inside the museum earlier:
    Tankfest 2019
    Tankfest 2019

    StuG in the tank park afterwards:
    Tankfest 2019

    Picked up a bottle of Centurion cider to enjoy with my reading
    Tankfest 2019

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    Quote by Tank Spotter View Post

    Out of interest, did the Japanese tank turn up at all on the Saturday? .
    Sorry TS - I'm not sure . Certainly it didn't appear in the morning or early afternoon - we left after the main Allied/Axis display due to the heavy traffic we knew we'd have to fight through getting back to London.

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    Thank you. It is a bit of a shame, at one point it was touted as THE guest vehicle this year (before the Jagdpanther and others were announced later), they even put it on their merchandise. Seems odd for it to just slip away before the show really gets going.

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