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War and Peace Revival Show (UK) 2019

Article about: I guess it's about time that someone asks who's going this year.... ...and then what happens is:- 1) quite a few folk say they ARE going 2) the vast majority say they're planning to go on a

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    Let's hope those noisy Spitfires won't show up to ruin the peaceful tranquility of this open-air asyl... I mean quiet gathering of mature collectors of historical artifacts.

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    I will be there Tuesday so +1 for OAP day.....I will be proudly wearing my new addition to my Beltring outfit and a west german cammo cap......hearing aids ! A present from God for not wearing ear defenders in my early days. If you see me shout loudly.....

    I am willing to meet and talk to anyone who is interested in this military crap btw because no one in my family will talk to me about it any more unless its one of the kids asking which item was the most expensive again so they can get to it before their siblings when I croak.

    Looking to forward to meeting someone......anyone ?



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    I've already spent 600 on something I'm collecting and I'm not there yet! I'll be there Wednesday with my son trying not to spend any more money, dragging two heavy shells on a trolley (any help lifting them into the car appreciated).


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    Thursday for me !

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    Coming Sunday afternoon for me... Really looking forward to it!

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    Default now everyone's coming out of the woodwork at the promise of a free dolphin show......'typical......SPONGERS!!! :-)

    I predict none of us will meet....but I know I'll be in F27 (ish) at 2.00 on Tuesday.....fighting the hoards would be great to put a few faces to some names...although going on previous hook-ups it's often best if one can remember the names...but forget the faces!!!

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    Thumbs up

    14:00 at F27 next Tuesday it is......if you hear someone at the back saying loudly ' I know the bloke who wrote this book - he doesn't know what he's talking about !' that'll be us.....

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    Maybe we should all bring our books so everyone can sign each others ……………………………….

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    Signing? one said nuffink about no signin!

    I thought they said SINGING........

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    ...just thought I'd post something to displace something written in German!...immature I know...but if it makes one child smile it's all worthwhile!

    ('spose we should've called this one Showundsaleaufmilitarybitz)

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