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War & Peace Revival Show (UK) 2020

Article about: Consider this a mark in the sand....a towel on a sunbed....for this year's UK W&PR Show......I've seen too many different threads about the "SoS" to be able to tolerate various

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    I think the same also , i hope it goes ahead but Feel this year is a right off for all shows

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    Late last year I already took 2 weeks off work for this, but I guess I'll wait a bit before booking the ferry...

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    Malvern - canned
    Wicksteed - canned
    Evesham - canned
    Tankfest - bumped to early Autumn

    ...not looking good

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    I think we can kiss any shows goodbye for this year....
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    I wish you guys luck there across the pond.
    They damn well better not cancel the MAX this year. Plenty of time for the pandemic to subside between now and then.
    If they do, I'll just start another SOS thread to bother Composite!
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    Does anyone know if its still going ahead

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    As of now, it’s still on, but I don’t think it’ll be worth going even if it does go ahead this year. As all entrants to the UK are now quarantined for two weeks, I expect a lot of foreign dealers and exhibitors simply won’t bother. It may go ahead, but the showing will be very poor.

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    It will depend on the measures around that time, but I'm not going 2 weeks into quarantine to go to a 1 week show. Let's just say I'm happy I didn't book (and pay) the ferry yet...

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    Default month on (and closer) and, according to the web site, its still on although ticket sales have been suspended for the time being.....


    The dealers I've spoken to either don't want to quarantine...and/or don't want all their items "contaminated" (by us)......and NO-ONE will want to use the "facilities" without a Mazmat suit (although they'd've probably been for sale there!).........

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    They've been a bit canny as they carried on selling tickets even though the event is very unlikely to go this year. What you will end up with is a suspended ticket for next year.

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