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War & peace show 2010

Article about: Real shame about your missing this one Ade, but i sincerely hope that your mum is on the road to recovery, best wishes, dave

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    Default War & peace show 2010

    Any body going down to the war & peace show this year? I will be there from friday to sunday
    If any of you havnt been its well worth the trip!! Iv only been going for 6 years but i cant get enough. Best to try and go for the weekend because you will never see everything in one day

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    Default Re: War & peace show 2010

    What is the WAR & PEACE SHOW ?

    I just found the links, and looking at some of the pics, the Waffen SS pics, they show a disabled Sherman tank, and it looks like it stays there year around, is this true, as those are some awesome pics on there, some great re-enacting going on there.

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    Default Re: War & peace show 2010

    OK, i did a google on it, too bad its in London, looks like a great show, from the images posted on their website.

    War & Peace Show 2010 - The Largest Military Vehicle Spectacular in the World - Home


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    Default Re: War & peace show 2010

    It is THE show of the year. About 1000 dealers, and lots of re-enactors diplaying over 5 days (including our Ade)

    I'll be there!...........Row L9

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    Default Re: War & peace show 2010

    Im going down on Saturday, a pal wants an original tommy helmet liner, and im looking for an airbourne helmet liner, dare say ill end up with a repro, but well see, looking forward to seeing some of the forum members

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    Default Re: War & peace show 2010

    Sadly I cannot make it this year. I have not missed this show since it first started. But my Mum is in still in Intensive care after a triple heart bypass operation over a week ago now. She has been very ill. So my place is with her. But I am pleased to say she is now improving though.

    Amyone who is going please take some pics!

    Cheers, Ade.

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    Default Re: War & peace show 2010

    I would love to show up, but I have too many VA doctor appt's, if it was not for that, I would love to be able to meet some other members, and look at all of the displays, and see what i could pick up, If i only had more time to play for it.

    Plus, which passport would i use, too many decisions to be made ( LOL ).

    Who ever does go, please take plenty of pics for us all to see.


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    Default Re: War & peace show 2010

    i'll be there on Saturday

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    Default Re: War & peace show 2010

    I would love to be able to make it.

    Hopefully next year.


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    Default Re: War & peace show 2010

    I'll be there Thursday to sunday will pay you a vistit John , might even get you a beer !!!
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