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    Deutscher Stahlhelm Fliegerabwehr - Afrikakorps

    07-04-2020, 06:40 AM

    3 Helmsplinte mit Unterlegscheibe f. deutscher Stahlhelm M35, M40, M42 Helmniete

    07-04-2020, 06:40 AM

    Exploding OPA Beer Can

    So I was sitting at my laptop posting those pic's of my display with the new ones that John Colorized, and all of a sudden, I hear what sounded like somebody

    07-04-2020, 06:19 AM

    Two semi autos,size matters.

    Two pistols,a 22 short cal. and a 50AE cal.Amazing difference in size,both would kill if needed Although I would rather have the 50 AE beside the bed.ha

    07-04-2020, 05:12 AM

    Hand writing comparison

    G'day All,
    I've had this Australian Tunic for a long time and have only just started digging up on the fella! His service number written in on the

    07-04-2020, 05:11 AM

    Trousers, Flying, Electric (For Type F-3A Suit) USAAF

    Here's another set that hasn't seen the light of day for over a decade Wish I had the full set!
    Oh I do have the missing button somewhere!!!

    07-04-2020, 06:36 AM

    Hello Gentlemen and fellow members,
    Following the idea launched by our member Matt L, here's a link to access the LEXIKON DER WEHRMACHT data base. It might be of some help for those of us who try to ID Erkennungsmarken.

    Link to the general page :

    Lexikon der Wehrmacht

    My favourite one :

    Lexikon der Wehrmacht

    I hope it will be useful....
    For our members who don't know how to use/search the site, Matt will make a short primer soon...
    This article was originally published in forum thread: Link to LEXIKON DER WEHRMACHT started by JPhilip View original post
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    1. Harvest's avatar in War relics WW2 military forums
      Harvest -
      Nice to find informations about regiments and thanks for the share.
      But is it working to find the soldier?
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