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    Identification of Makers "Lion" Stamp on ET 66 Helmet

    Can anyone help with info on the "Lion" stamped inside this ET 66 helmet please.

    Any other info would be useful also.

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  • My letter openers


    Thought it was time to post my favourite part of this hobby! I know that not to everyones taste, my mini's/salesman/letter openers are my faviourites the detail on some is amazing!

    The end ones sa and ss are modern miniature custom made from good old USA.

    Comments 8 Comments
    1. Chopperman's avatar in War relics WW2 military forums
      Chopperman -
      Here are a couple of mine--
    1. Scott875's avatar in War relics WW2 military forums
      Scott875 -
      Awesome collection ��
    1. Patrick Vallely's avatar in War relics WW2 military forums
      Patrick Vallely -
      Wow, superb
    1. Nickelilltroll's avatar in War relics WW2 military forums
      Nickelilltroll -
      Nice collection! Are all original or is someone replica? Asking because I'm quite new in collecting german daggers and bajonett, have got some similar and doesn't know how to find out if they r original or replicas. I got them when my grandfather died.
    1. MDR75's avatar in War relics WW2 military forums
      MDR75 -
      I'll post some of mine tomorrow.
    1. Clandestineking's avatar in War relics WW2 military forums
      Clandestineking -
      Very nice great selection
    1. kingtiger's avatar in War relics WW2 military forums
      kingtiger -
      Interesting. Was he in the war?
    1. Mr Military Guy's avatar in War relics WW2 military forums
      Mr Military Guy -
      Excellent condition they seem to be in, hopefully all are real and none are reproduction unless you know and wanted a reproduction!

      Unteroffizer Klaus (Liam)
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