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is this a horrible fake

Article about: only pic I can get but can a collector of CCC tell if this is a prop - it is in a display box.

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    Default is this a horrible fake

    only pic I can get but can a collector of CCC tell if this is a prop - it is in a display box.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture is this a horrible fake  

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    Circuit advertisement is this a horrible fake
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    Sorry, but I would not expect many responses to this photo that are going to be of much help. There is no way to get better photos?

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    You need to ask to take it out of the display box and take a good photo of the front and back before anyone is likely to help you.

    To ask for authentication from the above photo is quite ridiculous and as you can see from the amount of replies vs the answers you've had, no-one is giving it a second glance.

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    Try to take better pictures. The glare makes it impossible to distinguish it authenticity!!!

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    Thanks - i say the same and understand. shot in the dark as they say. i will try to get a better pic.

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    I edited the available photograph, but there is still no way of determining authenticity with just this.
    is this a horrible fake

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    for all we know it might be high end replica in a glass display case
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    The item sold so I can not get anything more from them. Sorry to have troubled you all.
    thanks, Joe.

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    Oh well, better to be safe then sorry!

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    No problem Joe but please look at it from everyone else's perspective, in fact anyone who posts burred or poor images:

    You post an image such as above and ask for authentication. For arguments sake, let's say a couple of people reply along the lines of:

    "It looks ok but I can't be sure. Better pics would help but there doesn't seem to be much wrong from what I can see. I would say original."

    You go and buy the piece off the back of these comments, post better photos and then discover it's a fake. You're down several hundred /$/ and may not be able to get your money back. You're annoyed at the forum and members here for giving you information that has caused this situation. You also look foolish for buying something off the back of the above image.

    Etc etc.......

    I speak from experience of seeing it happen many times on various forums. It really is not worth posting images such as above as I for one and I know several experienced collectors will not venture any opinion or in most cases won't bother to answer.

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