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Nahkampfspange des Heeres in Gold, in Etui.

Article about: Guys, I thought I would post this Nahkampfspange in Gold which is the highest Heer combat award and was offered for sale today by Markus Schultze at Militaria-Berlin. This has got to be one

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    Default Re: Nahkampfspange des Heeres in Gold, in Etui.

    I'll throw this one back out again........

    Can anyone show why the Nahkampfspange in the opening post of this thread is good or bad, doesn't matter which you think it might be, just please show the differences or similarities between this one and a known original or fake........

    Please state your case and back it up with some facts and illustrations.

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    Circuit advertisement Nahkampfspange des Heeres in Gold, in Etui.
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    Adrian, I was looking at the clasp owned by Tom Durante on the German Combat Awards Forum and the differences are obvious. The grip panel of the Durante awards bayonet are sharp, clear and show the rivet in the grip panel as well as grooves, and the one in the opening post does not. The grenade on Durante's on the stick end shows clear and obvious 3 segments and the original posted one is blurred and indistinct-almost looking like a single piece rather than 3. Of the 6 oak leaves surrounding the center square around the eagle and bayonet and grenade, on the Durante specimen, they are all 6 sharply clear and distinctly outlined in a raised higher edge, but the original posted, only the oak leaf at 4 o clock is able to be seen clearly and the other 5 are blurred and indistinct with almost no raised edges at all. Also on Durante's, the 2 small oakleaves on the very bottom are touching each other but the first one's leaves do not. On the original posted, the "V" shaped scroll work separating the larger oakleaf wings on the 2 sides, the tips of these scroll works are instinct and unable to be made out at all on the upper right hand side in particular, but the other 3 curly-cues are mere blobs. On Durante's specimen, they are all 4 cleanly curled and obvious.
    Now, on the 8 large oakleafs(4 on either wing side) none of the original posted ones show any sign of the designwork in the leaves themselves. On Durante's pieces, there are a series of small lines between the leaf veins that are present from one vein to the next.
    Now, on the reverse side, there are several major differences also. The hook on Durante's piece is set into a sunken round cut out well and is set with the open side of the hook facing down. The original piece shown the hook is simply set into the badge itself with no such sunken round well apparent. The clasp end of the pin on Durante's is also set down into a rectangular shallow well while the originals is not. Durante's pin is also longer and reaches to the end of the 2 oakleaf tips to where the third and final tip begins. The original's is far shorter than this.
    PLEASE NOTE-the 2 photo's are from Tom Durante's posting of them on a forum 3 years ago. If he is not comfortable with them being here, they may disappear soon!
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    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    Default Re: Nahkampfspange des Heeres in Gold, in Etui.

    William, thank you for presenting your case and providing a clear and concise explanation on the differences. I'm sure Tom won't mind his clasp being used in this instance.

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    Default Re: Nahkampfspange des Heeres in Gold, in Etui.

    William,Thanks for letting us all know the points needed to show an original Presentation gold CCC.Adrian had asked me to show photos that would bring into light the strike of this very rare piece!My digital camera is 9 years old and has a great deal of use.Closeups will now blur and i couldn't get the closeups needed to show him and other members what the heck i was talking about.The saying one picture is worth a thousand words is true in this instance without a doubt.Will post my piece and its a carbon copy of Tom Durantes piece.Carl

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