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Grey visor cap Real or Fake?

Article about: a different tho sort of related world, and very interesting. it's good that folks are following the detritus of the nva. actually, some of this material is quite good-looking; tho a good dea

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    Default Re: Grey visor cap Real or Fake?

    interesting, thoughtful and amusing - fb at his best.

    re the noble pinks-n-greens - as a journo I covered a battle of the bulge reenactment at ft. dix in the '80s (attired as a 6th ss mtn. div trooper, no less).

    some of the Yank reenactors were in walking-out dress, definitely looking the business. so, it was surreal watching present-day enlisteds passing "officers" in authentic WWII Ps-n-Gs, looking confused but then saluting them anyway. better take no chances with officers at any time (and any war, I guess!) could be some new uniform after all!

    of course, the "officers" returned the salutes, and smartly too thanks very much!

    Quote by Friedrich-Berthold View Post
    I admit such is off the topic, but for those of us with an association to the US armed forces, the USMC has better uniforms, surely. My concern is more the human beings in the uniforms and their minds versus their appearance, but plastic clothes are dreadful at any time.

    I think there is a program in the USN to have Brooks Brothers make a real, woolen set of dress blues (black...) kit, but such is the exception. It is very costly.

    I am also an opponent of the proliferation of battle dress uniform as the order of dress of all kinds. This break down of decorum happened while I was with USAREUR in the early 1980s with the advent of BDUs of said era, and it was not an improvement in soldierly bearing.

    In the 1970s, when the green mottled shirt was introduced for Class A and Class B US Army uniform, we argued for a return to pinks and greens with the Sam Browne belt, but the Army has recently revived the blue uniform for general wear, a return to the era prior to the 20th century.

    I am also shocked at the things my young associates do their berets to shrink them, batter them, shave them, and otherwise render the appearance of same that of a veteran.

    At least the berets appear to be woolen.

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    Default Re: Grey visor cap Real or Fake?

    Interesting discussion. Same thing happened to the NVA in 70's up to their demise in '89. Litzen became metal; the uniforms a poly blend, and the visors a monstrosity to a purist like me--injection-molded plastic visors; vinyl sweatbands; sta-brite insignia; and so much poly that the things are practically flame-retardant.

    Of course, the BW visors aren't much better--I have a LW officer's by Kempf and the insignia is glued (not sewn) on!

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    The Bundesmarine caps can be well made, sort of. But they are also very expensive to purchase from what my associates tell me.

    NVA navy sweaters are very warm, durable and wear well.

    The eclipse of the handicrafts in men's wear is sad. But you can undergo the apprenticeship to be a hat maker in Bavaria, all the same, though such people are employed in haute couture and not in the manufacture of uniforms. If you have spent anytime in Germany or Austria, you find few uniforms in the way we conceive of them.

    I shall post the titles of the NVA uniform books when I can find them in my pile.

    I know I bought one on caps, too, as well as an older one and a newer one. There is a lot of good illustrated literature on the NVA now.
    damit, basta.

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    Default Re: Grey visor cap Real or Fake?

    Bw uniforms in the first years of the new army. 1st pictute, Chancellor Adenauer with Generals Heusinger and Roettiger during fall manuvers; the 2d picture, the first German defense minister Theo Blank hands out commissions to the first cadre of officers in Bonn. I rather think that these caps here would have been quite well made, in fact, even if they are not as appealing to some here as those of another period. They would also be quite rare by today's lights.
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    damit, basta.

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    More Bw images. The top with recruits in the Kleidungskammer and again Blank commissioning officers.
    Notice how well fed and happy these young men look in contrast to say their predecessors in 1941. The US style collar brass on the collars of the troops in the top picture was given up a year or more later in favor of more traditional collar insignia.
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    damit, basta.

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    a recruiting poster of the era....
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    damit, basta.

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    exercises with US security assistance and or foreign military sales equipment in Fall 1958.
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    damit, basta.

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    US made F-84 fighter bombers as security assistance to the Bw.
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    damit, basta.

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    The above aircraft rendered as recruiting poster...
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    damit, basta.

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    Default Re: Grey visor cap Real or Fake?

    A bit off topic but the images of those post war Luftwaffe F-84's reminded me. Anyone know the history of the Lockheed F-104 Starfighter? In 1961, Lockheed paid West German Minister of Defence Franz Josef Strauss, $10 million in bribes for the purchase of 900 F-104G Starfighters. 115 Luftwaffe pilots died in F-104 crashes.

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