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NVA and Border Guards caps: Please give opinions.

Article about: Hello comrades, I would like views on the listed caps, told me that two of them are fake, the border and the infantry, is that correct? Thank you so much

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    The NVA took off its uniform in October 1990 with unification. I was there and saw the process.
    What did happen, though, is after the March 1990 election, whereby the Volkskammer voted for a western oriented transitional government,
    the hammer and compass badge was replaced by the FRG cockade on the cap badge.

    I actually own one of those caps, too.

    As to the things being faked, I defer to others in the know, which I am not.

    I collect things more or less made in the few years 1932-1939, and that's it.

    And that is likely too much.

    Thanks. I have a Ukrainian officer's cap, too, given to me as a gift by its owner. I have had to do with a number of Ukrainian officers and with great pleasure.
    damit, basta.

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    Circuit advertisement NVA and Border Guards caps: Please give opinions.
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    Quote by Astrath View Post
    Sir. FB, Thank you for the information. I believe you spent unforgettable moments during the years 1989/1991. I would love to have been there in those days of transition.
    But I was 7 years old in 1989, but have a small reminder of the news, awesome time.
    I first went to the DDR in January 1975, and then again, a couple of times prior to 1989. I was there a week after the breach in the wall, and then on an ongoing basis. I saw the whole thing first hand and in depth.
    Now it is a long time ago, and the epoch has changed from peace to war.
    It is sad, really.
    damit, basta.

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    I do not know what to think, everywhere where eye see these caps being sold as originals, there is a code of respect for the dates, I'm trying to look at various forums and research on the internet, according to Sir. Stonemint, they have been or are being forged from Germany, but do not know if these cheap caps are also false, saw some differences in caps shown in FAKE DDR forum but ér difficult because there just are examples of caps of generals or officers.
    I do not know how long can exist counterfeiting of these items but need to find out about it, for I am in my geopolitical classes and my students rave to enconstar in a probable cap that was in the last days before the fall of the Berlin Wall, only I do not want to deceive them, which I found strange was stamped MADE IN EAST GERMANY, especially being a stamp in English, but I saw on some sites they also have caps with this marking.
    I confess that discouraged from time to collect as everything seems to be false, I'd better stop buying for a while, until I actually saib what I am buying.
    Thank you so much

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    Quote by James C View Post
    my own thoughts on the reworked caps shown on the fake ddr thread specifically the cockade replacement might also denote usage after reunification post 1990 ,slightly off topic but i have in my collection an authentic transitional period ukrainian made officer's cap dated 1991 and still retaining former soviet union armoured insignia and hammer and sickle strap pinsAttachment 930663Attachment 930664Attachment 930665

    Very interesting this combination, Russian caps are really very beautiful, of course caps DDR or Soviet can not compare the beauty of the German caps TR, but exhibit a critical time in modern history, and days of fear and glory.

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    I believe that the articles marked with "Made In East Germany" or "Made In Germany" had something to do with US import requirements.
    I have a pair of genuine shoulder boards marked as such.
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    Indeed, when the huge lump of NVA surplus was imported into the US ca. 1991 ff, it had this import stamp. Such items were wholly authentic, but so marked.
    damit, basta.

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    I especially prized the NVA Navy sweater, which I still wear and was of a superb quality.

    To my colleague in Brazi: please do not be paranoid. Just proceed with some deliberation and reflection.

    There is far too much paranoia in the world. This process is the result of the false promise of openness,
    whereby human nature never changes, and envy and the wish to do harm are repugnant features of our lives.

    Is there some reputable and accepted dealer in this material, or it is all via ebay?

    I have seen dealers sites in the US, for instance, and there must also be in Germany, especially in those places where there is a
    NVA traditions infrastructure.....

    I do not follow it directly, but I notice it from time to time.
    damit, basta.

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    Look I found this topic, there are good caps of East Germany images, however, are caps pictures of the decade of 1950/60.
    Different headdress.

    Grey visor cap Real or Fake?

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    Look, 1.000.000 visor caps.... Autentic?????????????
    Gowen Militaria: Border Guard Career Senior NCO Visor Hat, With Officer Cockade

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