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40 Year old reproduction insignia

Article about: Hello, Annoyed from this ads?   Lately I have been seeing these old reproduction patches surface as originals. They have been in the US for around 40 years. I first saw them in the earl

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    Fred Green


    Hello William,

    No there isn't. The 4 feather flaw is just on one type of breast eagle. there are numerous fakes out there. The key to Heer Cap and breast eagles is the construction of the weave. There are many small variations and mistakes in BeVo eagles on the front. The back is constant. Once you learn what an original eagle looks like the fakes stick out like sore thumbs!


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    very hard to indentify

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    This thread scares me!

    Some of those patches, there is NO way I'd be able to tell the difference. This is why I try to stick to "salty" items, instead of patches that come off rolls. Even then, that's not safety. Wow, thanks for posting this!

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    Thumbs up Reproductions

    Great thread, I remember some of this stuff myself. I started to collect in 1972 and some of this stuff popped up around that time. Some of this stuff was even sold through Unique Imports.

    Here is an old add.

    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture 40 Year old reproduction insignia  

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    And good old Globe, Delta, House of Swords, probably even Manions later on. timothy

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    Very interesting thread. I have a great lot of cloth items coming this week from a vet's granddaughter. I am even wary of those finds when vets themselves may have bought some of those items as pieces they once had or saw while in Europe. We all try to do as much due diligence prior to handing over the cash. In some cases, as a collector you "take a chance" on a grouping of items that have "confirmed" originals and roll the dice on other more common items that are within that same lot. It is an interesting balancing act. We all have been lucky and burned at some point...guess you have to keep learning from forum members here, experience and text to remain sane and out of the poor house. I trust the opinions and knowledge shared by the many fine members here!! I will always pay my yearly dues here...and will probably donate to the next raffle an item or two not because I'm wealthly...because 1000s of years of collecting experience resides here...think of that the next time you drop $80 on a lousy meal somewhere.

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    Oh perfect, this doesn't mess up my already maximum confused head, does it But very interesting, and useful, i do recognize some i think, seen a few on swedish ebay. But thank God for places like this.

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    I have said it before, and i say it again. The day a perfect fake arrives- all those original items is worthless overnight.
    Collect ROA, Cossack, Schuma and other WW2 Volunteer militaria.

    "Be Humble and kind, for you may find that it was Odin you entertained"

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    This is an old and very useful thread. I will compare my HJ Leistungsabzeichen cloth to the one showed here.

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    You will also notice that these items originally posted will GLOW when placed under UV light... They are also of the wrong material but you will have to be accustom to the real thing to notice... I'm very familiar with many of these fakes - so if anyone has any questions about this type of cloth please PM me - I would be happy to help!

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