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Anhalt Arbeitsdienst Ehrenzeichen

Article about: Another couple of bit obscure badges. Fresh after a new coat of renwax and ready to pose for photos. cheers Matt

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    Default Anhalt Arbeitsdienst Ehrenzeichen

    Another couple of bit obscure badges. Fresh after a new coat of renwax and ready to pose for photos.



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    Circuit advertisement Anhalt Arbeitsdienst Ehrenzeichen
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    Badges that are seldom encountered. Thanks for showing these.


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    Would these be awarded with the cufftitle? I've never seen those before!
    cheers, Glenn
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Anhalt Arbeitsdienst Ehrenzeichen  

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    new to me also.

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    Not sure if the qualified recipient received the badge along with the cufftitle.
    The badge came in three classes- gold, silver and steel. I am still trying to figure out if what I have is silver or steel grade- so far with no luck.
    From what I remember they were awarded for a short time only which is probably why we don't see too many around.



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    Do you have a photo of the reverse? What are the size-dimensions?
    This might turn into an educational thread...If we're really fortunate, our friend Wilhelm may have the official Regulations to share...
    cheers, Glenn
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    The overall size of those are around 1.25 x 1.25 inch.



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    Quote by bigmacglenn1966 View Post
    Would these be awarded with the cufftitle? I've never seen those before!
    cheers, Glenn
    As I understand it - and I will gladly stand corrected here - the badge was individually awarded as a personal decoration to those who had served for a certain period of time with the volunteer (pre-RAD) Anhaltinischer Arbeitsdienst, whereas the cuff title originated as a general uniform insignia with the AAD and was carried over to the RAD where it was finally worn as an official traditions badge by all personnel serving with the staff of Arbeitsgau XIII and with the RAD units of Gruppe 135, commemorating the traditions of the labor service in the state of Anhalt.

    Thus, there were personnel authorized to wear either the badge or the cuff title or both, depending on their service history and duty assignment.
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    This badge nothing had to do with the RZM. The badge and cufftitle did not belong together.
    Occasionally an AAD-member did wear both, as they were granted to him.

    Here the definitions for the badge:

    Anhalt Arbeitsdienst Ehrenzeichen Anhalt Arbeitsdienst Ehrenzeichen

    The definitions were for example published in:
    Der Tag von Grosskühnau am 20. August 1935, a book of rememberance
    in relation of the "return" of the founding of the national socialist labor service.

    Anhalt Arbeitsdienst Ehrenzeichen
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    "Wir sollen auch unser Leben für die Brüder lassen" (1.Joh.3.16):
    zum Gedächtnis Wilhelm Schenk. Er starb fürs Vaterland am 13. Juni 1916

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    Thanks as always to Wim for his contributions.

    For the benefit of the non-German speaking members, here is a translation of the above document:

    "Anhaltinian Labor Service Commemorative Cross.

    We quote the following statutes from the Official Gazette for Anhalt:

    On the occasion of the transfer of the former Anhaltinian State Labor Service for Men into the
    Reichsarbeitsdienst and with approval from the Reichstatthalter for Braunschweig and Anhalt and in agreement with the Reichsarbeitsführer, on 30 September 1933 a badge has been instituted that is to maintain the memory of the Anhaltinian Labor Service as Germany's first state institution of this kind and the nucleus of the Reichsarbeitsdienst.

    The Anhaltinian Labor Service Commemorative Badge is made of metal. It consists of a Swastika upon which a circular disc with the interlocked letters "AAD" (Anhaltischer Arbeitsdienst) is placed. It is awarded in gold, silver and bronze.

    Those whose work for the Labor Service had taken place in its founding year of 1932 may be awarded the Labor Service Commerative Badge with the number 1932.
    The requirement for the bestowal of the Commemorative Badge is that the person who is to be awarded it had either served with the Anhaltinian State Labor Service for Men for at least 20 weeks and has conducted himself well during this period or, alternatively, had done crucial work for the establishment of the State Labor Service and thus gained particular merit in its interest.

    Considering that the former labor service camp at Hammerstein had provided manifold impulses during the creation of the Anhaltinian State Labor Service at Großkühnau, the Commerative Cross may also be awarded to members of this camp if they had served there during the year of 1932, the founding year of the Anhaltinian State Labor Service for Men.

    Furthermore, the Commemorative Cross may be awarded to those members of the Anhaltinian State Labor Service for Men who had not yet been members of the Anhaltinian Labor Service for 20 weeks at the time of its transfer to the Reich if they had subsequently served the remaining period of time in the
    Reichsarbeitsdienst immediately afterwards and had also conducted themselves well there."

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