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Anyone seen this sort of pendant before?

Article about: Is this something official or just junk costume jewlery? I don't even know if it's period. I bought an iron cross second class from the UK years ago, and the guy sent this as a throw in gift

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    It says 9 CT on the back. I'm no jeweler, but I read that as carat. Could be a hint that it is not period if they wouldn't have used that measurement.

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    By the way, if I'm not mistaken, I believe that the 'metricized' equivalent to the karat scale is and has long been more common in continental Europe, which means that something of 9 karat purity would more likely be marked as 375 (37.5% pure) if the place of manufacture was Germany. I'm not positive on that, though.

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    Circuit advertisement Anyone seen this sort of pendant before?
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    However...then, assume for a minute that it was actually Made in the UK. Why would this exclude the possibility of it being connected with the TR? Of Course, England and the other UK countries did considerable trade and sales both to and from Germany prior to the war being launched. Is there any reason that a jeweler in, say, Edinburgh or even London could not have made a batch of these pendants and shipped them to Hamburg or wherever? The TR was in place for 6 years before war began, and did plenty of business with the UK and just about every other country around the World. I see no reason to discount a TR connection simply because this piece may have likely been manufactured in the UK. The Day that war was declared, there were still plenty of foreign ships sitting in the harbors of Germany(most of whom got themselves Stuck there for waiting too long)-I'm sure they weren't there for tourism.
    It's not impossible, but the only way to really prove a German/Nazi connection would really be if it were made in Germany during a time when the swastika symbol was associated primarily with Hitler, or if there were some other evidence to suggest it (magazine ads, photographs, etc). The swastika was exceedingly popular in the 1920s in England and the U.S., which I think might be due to the art deco movement.

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    It says 9 CT on the back. I'm no jeweler, but I read that as carat. Could be a hint that it is not period if they wouldn't have used that measurement.
    What I meant is, in America, the more common abbreviation is 'k' for karat. I've never seen anything here marked with 'ct,' which I believe is more common in England.

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    Just offhand, I would assume that such jewelry was even produced in the US, France, Belgium, etc as well, prior to the war's commencement. Business is business.

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    One thing we can know for sure, is that the Nazi's ruined a once positive and beloved symbol. The pendant, if nothing else, represents that.

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    It's a very nice pendant either way, and great for free. 9k gold is worth $15 per gram as scrap, but this is worth more than that as collectible jewelry. It could sell for more than the Iron Cross, potentially.

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    my mother wore one prewar,and she was 1/2 jewiss.

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