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Badge Fur Deutsch - Britisch Freundschaft

Article about: Thanks / ich danke Ihnen! MR

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    Default Re: Badge Fur Deutsch - Britisch Freundschaft

    Thanks / ich danke Ihnen!

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    Circuit advertisement Badge Fur Deutsch - Britisch Freundschaft
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    Default Re: Badge Fur Deutsch - Britisch Freundschaft

    "Value" is a difficult thing to estimate. To be honest, and please don't take this the wrong way, I see it as worthless. However, people do buy them thinking they are "real". Some sites I think do sell them openly as modern "fakes". Maybe worth a fiver?

    Cheers, Ade.

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    Default Re: Badge Fur Deutsch - Britisch Freundschaft

    Ade, Thanks. No offence taken! Because it looked old and worn, and because of the maker's name on the back, I thought it might be real. I paid £10 ("bargained" down from £12!). Caveat emptor....Regards, Mike

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    It`s resurrection time! Yes, 2014 is the year that it all happens, the dead shall rise, and possibly even start walking and talking again!

    Here is another link to a thread where these are shown, and discussed, well not discussed really, just opinions added. Granted, it is a very obscure subject that is basically impossible to research with any fruitfull results.

    What say the crowds now in early 2014? Fake, fantasy? 4th Reich? was there even such an organization?

    A question raised on the thread linked above, asks if there are "any other red flags?" The grammatical error is surely concerning, and because it bears a German makers name, cannot be excused with any "maybe this or that" There is another fauxpas though, the Union Jack, which is not - what the union jack looks like.

    Badge Fur Deutsch - Britisch Freundschaft

    lets bring this old thread and topic and badge, back to life, and see where it goes it may even turn into another sticky

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    I've never seen a example with the correct reverse hardware. I know of two variants, both have the well-known fakers coffin shaped pin. Add the poor enamel, and incorrect spelling and the only conclusion I foresee is these never existed. That said, if someone can show me an example I've yet to encounter with the correct period characteristics one looks for in an authentic item I'd be open to changing my opinion.

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    For more international friendship, see its alleged German/U.S. counterpart at:

    Ring für Deutsch amerikanische Freundschaft - badge - Militaria Forums

    (Luckily, they had to abbreviate "AMERIK." and were thus spared the chance of getting the ending wrong.)

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    Thanks Andreas, but i dont want to see more, (muss meine augen schonen) i would like to clear up this... mess, the Britisch[e]-wrong-flag-mess.

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    The badge also has the famous coffin pin mounting never found on any genuine badge.


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