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a block of 100 stamps

Article about: Pammy very nice I have to get down to Delaware you are always finding nice stuff. Gary

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    Default Re: a block of 100 stamps

    Quote by ez1969 View Post
    These are very common some on ebay now for 9.99 plus ship for the 40 stamp.
    Mate if you can find the same set in the same condition as pammy for 10 bucks, grab it, it would be like finding an original SS Normandy cam M40 for 100 bucks

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    thanks tony,your so sweet !! i liked them and i got the army eagle and these for $20 so iam happy with them .my next estate grab i will mail it to you as i know what you like now..! take care and you have a great night tony!

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    Very nice sheet of stamps you have there Pammy and like already said, the edgeing intact makes all the difference. With that you got a very fair price. They will look great framed on the wall!

    Cheers, Edwin

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    thanks so much Edwin ,They are something i have not ran across and thought they would be nice to add .take care and thanks again !

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    A sheet of Hitler head stamps with all tabs intact is not a rare item,I have seen dealers at stamp shows that have hundreds and hundreds of full sheets mint condition post office fresh for sale 20-25 $ each and the 24 different dominations really do not make a difference.The higher values maybe a couple of bucks.A very common stamp

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    Quote by pammy View Post
    how much would a unused block/sheet of adalf hitlers head stamp in red go for?i have a chance to get them.thanks
    I have a set i boight on ebay for a tenner (10.00), in 2008, got them framed, now on office wall. There are millions of them , not rare at all.

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    Thats great ! Thanks everyone as thats all i payed $10 so i love them..! Take care

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