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Cased examples of the Reichsparteitag Nürnberg 1929 "plaques".

Article about: While I haven't saved any pics of the case, here is the golden version of the plaque. By golden I mean gilded tombak. This one is a solid backed specimen but at least one hollow back gold ve

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    While I haven't saved any pics of the case, here is the golden version of the plaque. By golden I mean gilded tombak. This one is a solid backed specimen but at least one hollow back gold version is known. If memory serves it is pre-drilled, presumably to be mounted onto something. So far the hollow backed ones surfaced mounted to Deutschland Erwache Standards as well as factory made Hoffstaetter picture frames.
    Also solid back plaques exist with engraved dedications on the verso. One has been auctioned off recently from the estate of Rudolf Hess.
    Judging by the documented examples, the gold grade seem to be rather unique. We know that Hoss received his gold plaque but Streicher who also carried some weight in the party circles only received the silver grade of this award.
    Of note is the fact that although silver grade plaques have been encountered as made out of 800 silver as well as silvered tombak, all gold plakettes are produced in gilded tombak.
    The engraved ones were given out as a token of appreciation from Hitler. Presumably the unnamed specimens were presented to deserving Rally guests. It is not known if any of the plaques were available for 'public consumption' although a fair number of original bronze specimens seem to survive which could theoretically mean that they were also offered to the public. It is highly unlikely that any silver and gold plaques could be purchased by the attendees.


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    Perhaps I am totally wrong, however I cannot bring to mind any provenance supported documentation which sheds any light whatsoever on the purpose and types of the cased plaques. Instead, we seem to be subjectively analysing the contents and views of period and modern publications, together with - anecdotes.

    Nothing wrong with that and of course and it does stimulates discussions which is the life blood of any forum.

    So, here is my opinion (I can already hear the howls of derision) and which cannot be supported by any documentation etc.

    Firstly and contrary to general opinions, I do not think that a "gold" version of this plaque ever existed. Instead and similar to the pin badge, only "bronze" and "silver". Unlike the fakes, the "bronze" version of the plaque more often than not, takes on a light golden hue. Not at all like the fakes which on occasions are decidedly dark brown in appearance. If a "gold" version was to exist, then surely by common sense alone, this would be regarded as the most special of the trio. In that case and as a minimum, I would expect that the plaque be manufactured from 800/1000 silver, gilded and then frosted, with polished highlights. It seems a little odd that someone decided that an 800 silver (literally) example was to be produced, however a "gold" version was to be from a base metal.

    Just my opinion chaps.

    Secondly, what was the purpose and significance of the cased plaque?

    I do not think that it has any association as a gift or token of appreciation to those who organised the event. Perhaps we have a slight and tantalising clue by another cased plaque which I hold and have before shown on the forum.

    SA Treffen Brigade 86 Schwaben 1935. In my opinion, a truly dreadful design, however we know that there are two versions as the event pin and the cased plaque. Essentially and by the obverse, the plaque version mimics the event badge. The general dedication to the reverse is in my opinion the clue and which is basically a thankyou to the Old Fighters.

    The cased examples of the Reichsparteitag Nürnberg 1929 plaques and in my opinion, serve the same purpose as being a theatrically physical way of thanking selected party members by reiterating, emphasising and remembering the significance and importance of the 1929 Reichsparteitag in relation to the establishment proper of the N.S.D.A.P.

    No reason to think that you had to attend the event to receive the cased plaque and instead, the plaque with immensely strong symbolism, rather than an echo to the recipient of once wearing the pin badge.

    Perhaps it is sometimes forgotten just how madly rare these cased plaques are and whilst I am still of the opinion that a "gold" version never existed, I am at a loss as to why a single strike was not made in 800 silver and then, suitably finished to represent "bronze" and "silver". This as a homage to the period event pins (silver and non silver) and which reflected the wearers personal choice and if they were in uniform, the colour of their buttons etc.

    Just an opinion chaps and no more and no less.


    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Click image for larger version. 

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    Few points if I may:

    Not all silver plaques are actually made out of silver. Both silvered tombak and 800 silver exist.

    Gilt plaques definitely exist as Hoss example shows. It can be traced back with provenance from Wolf Rudiger Hoss. Having had the privilege of holding that specimen in my hands I believe it is a gilded plaque. Perhaps not readily obvious from the pictures on HH but little more in hand. This is a documented specimen- that is a fact, not a hearsay or a urban myth.

    As to those not being Hilter's personal token of appreciation- it would be hard to think of ANY object, medal, plaque, badge or otherwise with Hitler's own dedication of 'My Dear XXXX...' accompanied by his signature as not being his personal gift to XXX IMO.

    I have another 'light bronze' specimen of the 1929 plaque in my collection as well, aside from the fact that the gold one has a different verso only seen on the gold plaques and burnished highlights, the color is distinctly different.
    I agree that those were not awarded to those who helped set up the Rally but I would think that they were available to those who attended the celebration from higher echelons of the Party- at least in their higher grades.
    I am puzzled by your 'those are found in bronze, silver and gold so one more to go' which to me means that you have bronze and silver cased ones but are still searching for the gold one. Followed by your opinion of the gold plaque never existed. ???
    IMO both plaques as well as pinbacks existed in 3 grades, additionally a presumably unique 585 solid gold pinback exists as well.
    Great discussion.


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    Hello david,

    congrats on picking up the bronze cased example and I remember when the previous owner purchased it.
    I don't believe that these plaques were sold at the rally but rather given out to those of importance.
    As far as the gold are concerned, i think the jury is still out.
    Here is another pic of my cased example in bronze.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Click image for larger version. 

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    Dear Matt

    An interesting discussion perhaps, however I suspect that you and I will never agree on the existence of the so called "golden" examples.

    In relation to the plaques, may I ask a very simple double barrelled question? Could you possibly provide the forum with images which clearly demonstrate the presence of (1) silver plated and (2), gilded examples?

    For the gilded example and with all due respect, please not the one that you have previously mentioned and shown.

    Sorry to have puzzled you and it certainly was not my intention. Without wishing to engage in verbal acrobatics, you have however misquoted me. Actually, I said "...and anecdotally, these are found...". The one word anecdotally makes all the difference and it was merely tongue in cheek English humour I am afraid. My apologies.

    Dear Erich

    I too remember well when the plaque that I have shown, first appeared with two others. The positioning of the makers mark and the font to the mark stuck in my mind the most, however rather like yourself, I had no doubts whatsoever on originality issues. Interesting though that the person who posted the trio, thought that one had a golden tinge or glow, although that is another story. They three were of course found without boxes and so mine and to an absolute purist, has a slight whiff of "not quite correct".



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    Hello David,

    No worries my Friend- if we all agreed on everything this place would be empty.
    Now to your two barrelled question: Here is a plated silver example for your perusal:1929 Rally Table Medal-Silver It is one of the three that like you mentioned above-and I tend to agree- leave no doubts about its originality. Couple of worn spots expose yellow tombak base on otherwise silver plated badge.
    And here is another gold one: Extreme rare Nurnberg Partei - Tag 1929 shield in gold. - Militaria Forums
    I hope that those will suffice because to find any more would be like finding more of Hitler's own GPB badges or half size BO's- both definitely produced in quantities but impossible to locate.
    I apologies for misquoting you or not seeing through the joke- English not being my native tongue, it seems my accent is not the only thing that is lacking but I'll work on it.

    Question for Erich as well- when the gold one was posted before on WAF you praised it as a nice original back in 2012. Did any new info come to light on those that made you disbelieve their existence?


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    Matt, nothing has changed and I guess having never seen one in hand just gave me pause. That said, if one became available I would have to buy it. Sorry for the confusion on my part.

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    It would appear that Hess received a silver grade plaque as well. It was also auctioned off back in 2012 with some other rare pieces from his estate.
    Having received both grades- silver and gold (or bronze), I think it would be obvious which grade would be chosen to be personalized by adding Hitler's dedication.
    Picture credit- Hermann Historica


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    Quote by David North View Post
    Dear Glenn and Jimm

    Many thanks for your comments, so far.

    So - I spy with my little eye - numerous differences to the obverse of the two against one, however 4 obvious differences toward which I think relate to the fake are:-

    1 curly second R
    2 outer profile to the steel helmet where the oak leaf wreath rests
    3 comb on the eagles head
    4 chamfered 45 degrees cut to the skirt of the steel helmet


    Hi David, yes good observations, what about, the swaz does not look very symmetrical either ?!

    Regards SK

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    Here is another silver grade plaque in plated tombak that I stumbled upon in my virtual travels. This one is of the drilled variety. So far the only two items I have seen that featured those plaques were Hoffstatter made picture frames and Deutsche Erwache Standards. As such it is doubtful if this one was ever cased but I thought it will add variety to this thread nonetheless.
    Picture credit: HH.


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