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could anybody tell me...

Article about: what badges these are? thanks for the help!!!

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    Default could anybody tell me...

    what badges these are?
    thanks for the help!!!

    could anybody tell me...could anybody tell me...could anybody tell me...could anybody tell me...

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    Circuit advertisement could anybody tell me...
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    I'm not sure but my guess would be either early Lufthansa insignia , or similar .
    Welcome to the Forum , I'm sure you'll find the answer here .

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    thanks chris, i´m searching the internet for days but couldn´t find it.... aaahhh ;-)

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    I do not have in my collection myself, but i think the first one is a needle for luftwaffe civilworkers.
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    I have moved your thread to what I believe is the correct part of the forum. If they turn out to be otherwise, they can be moved appropriately.
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    hmm yes i think nobody has an idea here either ;-)
    thanks for trying guys

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    Quote by TrondK View Post
    I think the first one is a needle for luftwaffe civilworkers.
    It is known as an insignia for the Werkschar der Luftfahrt, introduced November 1937 and
    authorized for wear by civil personnel of the Aviation Government Adminstration (Luftfahrtverwaltung)
    abolished for wear in January 1938 with the headdress.
    In late 1935 members of aviation factories and concerns had started wearing (unofficially) a symbol like
    that and was also worn by civil airforce employees. Often as a lapel pin.

    The second one is not Lufthansa, as far as I know. Hüsken mentions it in his book "Reichsautobahn"
    for employees and workers.
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    thanks alot Wilhelm-Saris!!
    maybe i should ask someone at hüsken, maybe they know exactly what it is ;-)
    again thanks alot!!

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    Don't be sassy , we value our members here and they should all be treated with the upmost respect .

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    hey cbh,

    sorrryyy i didn´t want to disrespect someone here i´m thankful for every help!!!
    but i think maybe the other members want to know exactly what these badges are too...
    sorry again!!

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