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DAF Plaque

Article about: Good info! For me, that puts it to bed. I have never bought one and the lack of fittings and any clear indication of what they were for has always bugged me. My advice to anyone owning one w

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    Put my money where my mouth is !
    When i cropped the image of the DAF saucer from this forgers catalog, i noticed something else, something i knew i had seen before, but forgot where... anyway, this should hopefully show you how certain i am that everything in this catalog is bogus..
    In May, i posted an image of a cap badge i have, but nobody knows what it is, on a forum, and asked for opinions. Nobody knew, one French guy posted a picture of the same one, saying he also never found out what it was for, from his image it looks good, worn, messing showing through... so where does this leave me? i own a RARE cap badge that only two are known of so far? and mine is mint?

    THEN, on page 2 of this 1973 catalog, we find?????

    So the last picture should tell you how certain i am

    DAF PlaqueDAF PlaqueDAF Plaque
    DAF PlaqueDAF PlaqueDAF Plaque

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    Circuit advertisement DAF Plaque
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    Default Re: DAF Plaque

    And now it's an ultra rare battle damaged cap badge....


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    Default Re: DAF Plaque

    From my friends collection of his Grand-uncle's WW2 bring-backs are these two of these same plaques. Not sure what they were used for.

    Edit: I just read through the rest of the pages on this thread and realize there were some contentious moments here or there. For what it's worth, these are genuine. That said, I still don't have a clue as to what they are or what they were used for. They are lightweight and feel like tin or aluminum and are about 8" across. I spent half the day photographing my friends collection which he inherited from his grandparents (his grandfather is the brother of the soldier who sent these relics home).
    These items and many more were recovered from their basement this last Fall following the passing of his Grandmother in Summer of 2012. I'll be posting the photos in the coming days and weeks time permitting. None of the items will be for sale, but for insurance purposes, he'd like to know the ballpark value of items I post photos of, so if anyone can offer an opinion we'd appreciate it.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture DAF Plaque  

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    I have bought numerous examples of this DAF cog wheel whatever it is directly from the hands of veterans as far back as the early 1960's. That is not to say that as evidenced by our compatriate from Switzerland that they were copied and sold in the 1970's. for me, it was an odd thing to fake at the time as there was little interest in daf material. They were likely made as the large swastika would have buffon appeal to individuals who were not serious collectors. There are period original examples and fakes of this piece. i have never heard a plausible reason for their purpose.
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    Quote by Pierre N View Post
    Funny you should mention that particular site, i just pulled a rather flimsy fake badge off there yesterday, two modern printed pieces of paper stuck to each other to form a badge. Yes it is only $70.- i know, but these dont sell for much more. (►LINK◄)

    But why stop at a pair? go for gold with the mold - originating from Austria

    DAF PlaqueDAF PlaqueDAF Plaque

    "It is easier to fool someone, than it is to convince someone that they have been fooled."
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    Quote by njrich View Post
    For what it's worth, these are genuine.
    For what it`s worth, that is just ridiculous.
    Have you, by chance, a few examples of the silver and gold colored ones that WW2Ltd sold in the late 60`s and the early 70`s?
    Have you examined these, in comparison to the mentioned fakes sold by WW2Ltd? (Has anyone?)
    No? of course no... can you now see why your claim is not worth the space it was typed in?

    You all know full well that these appear in a post war forgers catalog, not once, a few times, since the end of the 60`s.
    You all know full well that these are found in mint condition, for sale, at low prices, EVERY DAY OF THE WEEK!
    You all know full well that there has never been any comparison test done on these pole tops/plaques, at all, to even TRY and see if there are any differences, or anything to learn/observe.

    You also know, full well, that a vet story has absolutely nothing to do with the price of cheese, ESPECIALLY when said items are found in abundance, and ESPECIALLY when we find the exact same item, described and pictured in the identical fashion, in forgers catalogs. So why the BS? why the need for Uncle Charlie and the 5 brothers stories? To make you feel good? to stop the questions before they are even asked? To hush the crowd, who almost all, have already bought and sold one of these, AS GENUINE!

    The objective, is not to get into a personal argument whether Uncle Albert really did give you these items, or whether Cousin Jacob really was in Germany around 1945... If you want to clear the mess up with these items, which as Bob rightly says, there are FAKES and GENUINE of, then you need to forget Uncle Albert, and you need to start doing some, ordinary, garden variety, common old elbow grease-RESEARCH, and stop muppeting on about things that have not the slightest to do with the item.

    You - used in the collective term, me included. Although i only care about small badges, and dont have the slightest intention of helping out on this particular thread or item any longer, until a light bulb goes on in someones head and some proper research starts taking place!

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    Wow...somebody needs to calm down a little bit.
    Wether the item is real or fake or real but faked as well.....just take a chill pill and don't get so worked up! I've never seen people write novels on this forum before.

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    Quote by Dean View Post
    I've never seen people write novels on this forum before.
    That is why we are in the mess we are today!
    Point taken though, and you wont have to in the future either, it is obviously upsetting to be confronted with something other that a thumbs up, accompanied by an Uncle Albert story!

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    No hard feelings. We all get worked up every now and then. This is a friendly forum and should remain positive . If someone doesn't want to hear your expert opinion, then leave it alone. That is what my uncle Albert told me
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