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Der Stahlhelm

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    Enclosed pics of the only Der Stahlhelm badge that i have (with pin repair). Don't know much more about them personally, but would be keen to know what ability there is to trace anything about the numbers etc on the back. Just in case the numbers are not legible the detail is:

    III 5 512 - any help on this would be appreciated.
    9/11/25 - Date

    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture -dscf0039.jpg   -dscf0040.jpg  

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    Is this the wrong forum for this topic????

    silence so far!

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    Quote by Tietze View Post
    Is this the wrong forum for this topic????

    silence so far!
    You are in the correct forum. You must understand that the
    Stahlhelm organization has had very limited research done on it. There are few collectors that have knowledge in this field. Members do not all go on line to this Forum on a daily basis. I prefer not to issue educated guesses when questions are asked. To the best of my knowledge, there is no definitive place to research a members number. Look at it this way, if you have a SS dagger with a membership number on the crossguard, you will never find out who the blade belonged to unless he was an officer. I would also guess that SS material is 1000 times more collected over items from the Stahlhelm Maybe someone knows where the information is stored-if it exists at all..


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    The Stahlhelm was the veterans organization associated with the Deutsche Nationale Volkspartei, the conservative party in the Weimar Republic. The Stahlhelm was a successor to veterans organizations of the pre 1914 era in the 1st German Republic. As the readers here will know, it was also absorbed into the SA in the course of 1933 or 1934, as the Gleichschaltung proceeded.

    There is a lot of contemporary literature in German of the era on the Stahlhelm amid its fusion with the SA.

    I can cite said titles elsewhere.

    I am sure there are figures in Germany who know where the relevant files are located.

    The DNVP also was phased out with the prohibition of political parties that was also a feature of the Nazi seizure of power in the years 1933-1934.

    A piece of this kind as this badge has great historical merit. The SS thing is much overdone, even if I, as an SS collector, write as much. If one is sincerely interested in the material culture of the German past, this piece is surely as good as many other badges and thingies in their number, which, in turn are all faked up the wazoo.

    Happy regalia.
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    damit, basta.

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    thanks for your replys, i hoped that this would provide an interesting thread for the forum which I could gain some knowledge from, and didn't want it to become lost in the depths of the forum!

    My knowledge is certainly limited on this, although there is a desire in me to try and collect a complete run of these badges that ranged from 1919 to 1932 i believe. In the instance of the one I have posted the members entry date to the Stahlhelm is 9/11/25. The members district is III with his membership number being 5 512.

    The Stahlhelm were seen to be an influential group I believe and certainly put their support to Hitler in the run up to the 1933 elections, where upon as you correctly say they were incorporated into the SA from July 1933.

    Anyone elses input greatfully recieved, or references or photos?

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    Two illustrated works from the era 1933-5 are:

    Martin Bochow, Maenner unter dem Stahlhelm (Berlin/Stuttgart 1933)

    NSDFB eds. Stahlhelm (Berlin, 1935)

    Therein the object above is illustrated as the badge of the "old guard." The one shown therein is for the year 1919.

    The Stahlhelm became the NS Deutscher Frontsoldatenbund.

    I do not have a scanner and cannot furnish images from these works.

    I am sure the works can be found in Gesamt Verzeichnis antiquairscher Buecher.
    damit, basta.

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