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"Dienstbuch / Soldbuch Todt un Speer" (1942-1945)

Article about: Hello everybody! For my first post, some pictures of my few collection about "Dienstbuch / Soldbuch Todt and Speer". On the left: -"Soldbuch" of a "NSKK-Sturmann&quo

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    Hello Everybody!
    One picture of my two "Dienstbuch Legion Speer".

    On the left for a French volounteer and on the right from the Wallons volounteer!
    I present in few days the Dienstbuch of the French!
    Best Regards

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    Circuit advertisement "Dienstbuch / Soldbuch Todt un Speer" (1942-1945)
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    Very nice my friend !
    The best Militaria forum in France is here :

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    Hello everybody!
    Some pictures of my French volounteer on the "Legion Speer".

    The man was born at Lille (in North of France) but he lived in Bruxelles
    As the Walloon volounteer, he doesn't stay a long time in this unit!
    Because he had some "Health prob" (heart)...but few month later he goes like "worker" into "DAIMLER-BENZ A.-G", he stay in this entreprise at end of the war.

    The French Dienstbuch was found with the Walloon Dienstbuch.
    As you can see the French have the number 5381 and the walloon 5383!
    The two man were in the same unit!

    Best Regards

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    Hello my Friend!
    My new SB find the last month!
    Used by a "Stabshelferin" from "TransportKorps Speer"!

    Best regards

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    Hello Friends!
    That make a long time I don't continue this post!
    So I show you my last NSKK paper found some months ago!

    This man served in several NSKK unit (Brigade Speer / Transportgruppe Todt / TransportKorps Speer). There is two Feldpost inside his "Soldbuch":
    -05897 = (25.1.1943-31.7.1943) Kraftfahr-Lehr-Abteilung Transport-Brigade Speer der Luftwaffe.
    -05745 = (25.1.1943-31.7.1943) Ersatz-Abteilung Trs.Brigade Speer der Luftwaffe.

    Before the end of the war in 1945, he served like a "Volkssturmann" and was seriously wounded by grenade. He died in the "SS-Lazarett" the 27/04/1945 and buried at Graz cemetery (Austria).

    Some details here:


    He had touch some equipment like a Helmet and ammo pouches.

    As you can see "Arthur Görtz" was a older from the WW1 and had win some awards like the EK2.kl and the german commemorative cross from 1914/1918.

    I hope you appreciate this paper!
    Next time I show you a Dutch paper in NSKK!
    Best Regards

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    Hello Everybody!
    My last NSKK paper found those day!
    Used by Dutch Volounter in NSKK WBN (Wehrmachts Befehlshaber Niederlande) unit.
    Not a lot written but I really like the pictures of the man.
    He trade on his collar tabs the NSKK eagle for foreign volounter (French, Dutch, etc...)

    Next time I show you a "Trako Speer" Soldbuch!
    Best regards

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    Hello Everybody!
    A other NSKK paper find those days...

    The man was in a "LW Bau Komp" and go after in NSKK unit.
    You can see the name "Trako Speer" for "TransportKorps Speer" and served in this unit like "Zahlmeister".

    Three Feldpost inside
    02182 = (28.4.1940-14.9.1940) Stab Luftwaffen-Bau-Bataillon 16/III
    L 30856 = (28.2.1941-29.7.1941) Stab Transport-Standarte Speer der Luftwaffe,
    (12.3.1943-7.9.1943) Stab Transport-Brigade Speer der Luftwaffe.
    And 44640 = (30.7.1941-28.2.1942) Stab Kraftwagen-Transport-Regiment 5 d. NSKK-Transport-Standarte
    (12.3.1943-7.9.1943) 8. Kompanie NSKK (Todt) Rußland Süd,

    There is some NSKK stamp with the mention "NSKK Transportbrigade Speer" and I have the dog tag of the man.
    He probably keep his dog tag from "LW Bau Komp" even when he was in NSKK unit.

    The picture of the man with a strange uniform (NSKK?)

    In first he was "Gefreiter" after ??? (I can't read if some one can help me!) and "Zahlmeister".

    "Trako Speer" = "TranportKorps Speer"

    He had touch a helmet and some ammos pouches.

    A "NSKK Tranportbrigade Speer" stamp.

    Some pictures about his Dog Tag.

    I hope you appreciate this paper!
    Soon I show you some others NSKK papers (A other Dutch and Transportkorps Speer).
    Best regards

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    Very interesting RZM, Pierre.
    The best Militaria forum in France is here :

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    Thanks a lot my friend!
    best regards
    Pierre (RZM)

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    Hello Friend!
    Like promess the last NSKK paper!
    This one is a true "TransportKorps Speer" soldbuch!

    From a "Fahrmeister" ("Unterfeldwebel"), with the cover "PersonnalAusweis des TransportKorps Speer Wehrmachtsgefolde des Luftwaffe". He served in several unit with one Feldpost.
    "Feldpost 41657 =(28.2.1941- 8.9.1943) Organisation Todt Einsatz 1/17 Einsatzleiter, dann Organisation Todt Einsatz Süd Herbert,(1.3.1942-7.9.1942) OT-Einsatz Herbert".
    And there is a lot of stamp like "TransportKorps Speer Abschnittsführung Südwest / Kw.Trsp.Abt.41".

    This man have win three awards:
    -"8.8.42" = "Ostmedaille".
    -"20.4.13" = "K.V.K.IIKL mit Schw".
    -"3.2.44" = "Kraftfahrbewährungsabzeichen im Bronze".

    "TransportKorps Speer" stamp!

    His unit:

    Adress of Trako Speer in Berlin!

    Page of the awards

    Details of awards:

    I hope you appreciate this paper!
    Next time a other Dutch volunteer...
    Best regards

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