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"Dienstbuch / Soldbuch Todt un Speer" (1942-1945)

Article about: Hello everybody! For my first post, some pictures of my few collection about "Dienstbuch / Soldbuch Todt and Speer". On the left: -"Soldbuch" of a "NSKK-Sturmann&quo

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    Hello Everybody!
    For continue the post a other paper from a Dutch volunteer!
    The man is a "Scharführer" and became "Oberscharführer" in 1944.

    He served in two NSKK unit:
    -"27.11.43" / "10.07.44" in "NSKK Staffel Wehrmachts Befehlshaber Niederlande" .
    -"10.07.44" / "30.08.44" in "BM.-Komp.51".
    And leave the NSKK at "04.09.1944".

    He had touch several weapons like a gun in 7.65 and a rifle "Karabine"

    Soon some other NSKK papers!
    Best regards

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    Hello Friends!
    My last NSKK grouping!
    In this grouping there are the Soldbuch & Wehrpass of the same man!

    This grouping is used by a "Oberstabsarzt Sikorski" who working for several NSKK unit and for the TransportKorps Speer.
    There are three feldpost inside the soldbuch:
    -"13.06.41" to "1.09.41", "Feldpost L 05745" ="(1.2.1941-11.7.1941) Ersatz-Abteilung Transport-Standarte Speer der Luftwaffe".
    -"1.09.41" to "25.09.41" , "Feldpost L 30856" = "(28.2.1941-29.7.1941) Stab Transport-Standarte Speer der Luftwaffe".
    -"25.09.41" au "15.03.42", "Feldpost L 44368" = "(30.7.1941-28.2.1942) Stab NSKK-Transport-Abteilung 500" who where in Finlande.
    -"15.03.42" au "03.02.45" again the "Feldpost L 30856".
    -"03.02.45" served in "Luftwaffe Lazarett Uelzen" in Germany (South of Hamburg).

    He have win two award.
    -"30.01.1940" the "K.V.K 2Kl mit Schw"
    -"18.12.42" the "Medaille Winterschlacht im Osten 1941/1942" when he was in the "Stab NSKK-Transport-Abteilung 500" and worked for the "Gebirgskorps" in North of Finlande!

    Picture of Dr Sikorski who trade a "Luftwaffe Rock" with the "Oberstabsarzt" rank.

    The Wehrpass of Sikorski, not a lot written...

    A paper (who his a gift from a Friend) find in a other grouping!
    This paper is made by the "Oberstabsarzt Sikorski" of "Transportkorps Speer" in 1945.

    For finish pictures of Dr Helmut Joseph Sikorski!
    The first (from the Wehrpass) when he had 25 and was a medical student.

    The second when he had 31 and was "Oberstabsarzt des TransportKorps Speer".

    I hope you appreciate this grouping!
    Best regards

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    Incredible documentation, thanks for showing.


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    Hello stiges1990!
    Thank you a lot for your commentary!
    Happy that some of you like my papers!

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    Hello Friend!
    The last NSKK paper find the last month!
    A beautiful grouping from a NSKK man who became a POW in 1945!

    This grouping is from a NSKK man who served in several unit!
    First he served for the Organisation Todt in the "OBL Dünen" near Köln (Germany) in 1939 to 1940.
    After he served in the "Deustche Reichspost Osten" in 1942 to 1943.
    He served in several NSKK Speer unit like the "14/.Kw.Tr.Regt 10 Speer" in 1943 to 1944.
    After he go in the Transportkorps Speer and served in the "Wiking" unit in 1944 to 1945.

    In 1945 he became a POW from American.
    There is only one Feldpost inside this "Soldbuch".
    "Feldpost 44368 = (30.7.1941-28.2.1942) Stab NSKK-Transport-Abteilung 500,(12.3.1943-7.9.1943) Stab u. 14. Kompanie NSKK-Kraftwagen-Transport-Regiment 10 (Todt)" NSKK unit based in North of Finlande / Norway.

    Beautiful picture of the man who trade a NSKK uniform "Wehrmachtsgefolge" (NSKK unit who worked for army).
    As you can see, he had two shoulder boards and a NSKK eagle on the left arm.

    All the equipment he has touch!
    He has trade a helmet and ammo pouches.

    He has been equipped with a K 98 (T)- Tjech made rifle.

    Some details of different stamp we can see on the SB!

    All his paper when he served in the "Reichspost".
    As you can see, the papers served after the war with the stamp of year 1946!

    His "Ausweis"!

    His POW paper made by American!
    He was teken POW in 1945 in Bogstad (Norway)

    I hope you appreciate this great grouping from a man who make all the war!
    Best regards

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    Hello Friends!
    A small displays with my papers of NSKK Foreign Volunteer!

    Soon some others Netherland papers!

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    Hello Freinds!
    Here some pictures of my last NSKK papers!
    Used by a Netherland Volunteer.
    Paper is in mint condition, but not a lot written, the cover have been change!
    As you can see the man served like "Hilfswillige" in the "Armee-Nachschubtruppen 588".

    More informations here:

    Kommandeur der Armee-Nachschubtruppen 588 - Lexikon der Wehrmacht

    Soon a other NSKK paper withe the "Führerschein"!

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    Hello Everybody!
    My last NSKK paper from a Dutch man!
    With his "Führerschein"!

    Best regards!

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    Hello! allways interesting colleague.
    The best Militaria forum in France is here :

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    Hello Everybody!
    I hope you still appreciate the NSKK papers?
    So here my last one paper from a young Dutch volunteer!
    There is also his "Führerschein" with a nice photo of this boy in NSKK uniform!

    Best regards

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